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Candy Apples

Carnival Booth Idea - Candy Apples or Caramel Apples!


Chocolate Covered Apples with Yummy toppings!



Halloween Carnival May Love the "Black Candy Apples".


Supplies for Candy/Caramel Apples:caramel-apples-fall-festival-food-idea.jpg

bullet point Long Table and Tablecloth Cover
bullet point Small - Medium Fresh Apples
bullet point Popsicle Sticks or Decorated Apple Sticks
bullet point Food Preparation Gloves for Volunteers
bullet point Crock Pot for each unique caramel or candy (close to an outlet to keep caramel warm)
bullet point Caramel Topping (or Candy/Chocolate Topping) – melted and kept warm in crock pot
bullet point Assorted Colorful Food Sprinkles, Chopped Nuts* (optional, see caution below)
bullet point Waxed Paper and butter to prevent sticking

Caramel Apple Booth Setup:

Before the carnival, be sure to know and follow regulations of your local heath dept regarding the preparation and selling of food. (Note: if this is for a school or church event, generally the on site kitchen will have necessary requirements to adhere to rules regarding food service.)

Wash and dry apples the night before.

Follow directions for making Caramel for apples - check the back of the caramel package.

Important – you must prepare the topping before the event – the crockpot will only keep the caramel or chocolate warm – it will not melt it!

Serving Candy Apples at Your Festival or Carnival:

During the carnival – place a Popsicle stick in the center of an apple, swirl individually in caramel sauce – allow excess to drip back into crock pot, set out on greased waxed paper.

For a really fun look, roll quickly in colorful sprinkles, marshmallows, crushed candy, mini chocolate chips or chopped nuts* immediately after dipping.

Please practice this booth at home first. It is not hard to do, but will go smoother if you have practiced before you have a line of children at a carnival.

This is a fun fall carnival booth – you can charge the equivalent of a $1 - $2 per apple (in tickets, of course.) Adults will enjoy this carnival treat almost as much as the kids!

Chocolate Covered Apples are one of the latest goodies that are sure to be a treat at your carnival or fall festival! We recommend small - medium sized apples, as the large apples can be too filling for a child to eat.

For Halloween, Black Candy Apples can be a hit with kids! We found, generally, these are made with black food coloring added to melted candy before dipping, but we also found some using dark purple candies melted to get almost the same effect!

See Pinterest for some ideas here!

Additional Hints & Tips:

*Caution: If you are aware of a child in your school who has a peanut allergy, you may wish to do away with the nuts all together!! (Call the school to find out.) Nut allergies can be severe, so just choose the colorful sprinkles as a candy apple topping option.

Note: If you are able to have a local grocery store donate apples & caramels – this booth can be almost pure profit! Popsicle sticks can be found at craft stores or even your local superstore.

Tip: You Can Serve the Apples on Cupcake Wrappers - See Supplies Below!