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Bunny Money

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"Almost Free" Bunny Money Spring Game


"Top Prize" Example for the Grab Bag Booth!


Ordinary Paper Bags or Colorful Bags can be used!



Supplies for bunny Money Booth:

bullet point Table(s) or another way to display the bunny bags
bullet point Fake green grass for table cover - We used turf on our table, but green tablecloth works too
bullet point Bunny Shaped Paper Bags (or you can decorate white bags to look like bunnies)
bullet point Leftover assortment of small toys or games. Can also be school supplies like cute pencils & erasers. (we suggest 2 - 3 small items per bag)

bullet point *IMPORTANT! A Few (donated) Top Prizes which can be cash, gift cards or Large Stuffed Animals! (remember, a $10 or $20 bill is a big prize to a child!)
bullet point A Top Prize Board displaying your Top Prizes to get the kids excited! (optional)
bullet point Gold Coins or winning tickets to designate top prize winners!!

bullet point Ticket Box to collect tickets

Booth Setup:

Before your spring event, ask volunteers to help you fill your bags with a small assortment of small toys and prizes and/or pencils, erasers.

If your top prizes do not fit into the bunnies, be sure to put in a Gold Coins or a large "winning ticket" printed on colorful paper - to make the top prize winners find that they won quickly!! 

IMPORTANT - There is a SECRET for making this game really exciting for kids! That secret is is to add a handful of more expensive prizes like cash, gift cards and other large toys!

The kids get really excited trying their chance at winning a really awesome top prize instead of just a bunch of small prizes in the bag. 

Top prize ideas can include items that are worth at least 3 - 5 dollars or more. Be creative, you can use $5 gift cards to a local yogurt shop, a set of movie tickets, or other larger stuffed animals. 

How to Play:

Kids pay tickets to choose the bunny bag they want... hoping that they get one of the Top Prize items you have displayed!

Additional Hints & Tips:

This booth is a "must have" booth for any spring carnival or fling! This is also a fun booth if you have an Easter Egg Hunt and want to have a few more things for kids to do after they visit the Easter bunny.

If you have a mixture of leftover prizes from last year it makes it fun for the kids and makes this booth an inexpensive way to use up some leftover prizes!

Make sure volunteers know that the value of the bags should be much less than the ticket price! So if you are charging the value of a $1 per grab bag, make sure the goodies inside are worth about 50 cents total! The carnival players are really hoping to win one of the top prize! 

NOTE: of course, we do not recommend filling the bags with candy. Because of food allergies it is best to keep the bags with small trinkets.

This carnival booth is low cost and super cute if you use leftover small toys and prizes from your last event AND if you can get donations for the Top Prize items! A great place to request cash donations would be from local banks and credit unions!




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