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Build it Booth

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Almost Free Activity - Build It Activity


Child hammers a nail to build a tool kit at a Fun Fair

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A learning activity for quality time for parents and children


The short video below shows kids at a fun fair building small wooden tool boxes


bullet point Sturdy Table(s) and stools, chairs or 5 gallon buckets turned upside down
bullet point Supplies for wooden craft - pre-cut wood for easy assembly
bullet point Volunteers to oversee the tables
bullet point Ticket Box for tickets (optional)

Before Your Event:

Contact local building supply businesses - a shout out to Home Depot - who in years past has come to public school events with all the supplies needed (nails, child sized hammers ext.) to do a fun and simple building product as a community outreach! 

We have seen this booth setup for years. So feel free to reach out to your local building supply and see if they can offer to do this as a way to get their name out in the community and help kids enjoy a fun and simple craft at your local school during your big event!

Booth Setup:

We recommend large, sturdy table and chairs. If sponsored by Home Depot - their team will bring out empty 5 gallon buckets to act as stools for the kids.They will also bring out large plywood and supports that will act as tables for the kids to use to build their projects.

How to run this activity:

Kids pay tickets or sometimes this booth is offered as a free for a chance to sit down and learn how to use a hammer and nails and some other simple woodworking supplies as a fun experience of learning how to build a wooden craft.

NOTE: This booth is designed to have children assisted by adults as they are learning how to use some real tools that could lead to injury if not instructed in safety while learning.

Some Simple Wooden Craft Ideas:

  • Birdhouse
  • Toolbox (as shown above)
  • String Art Craft
  • Bird feeder
  • Yard Sign
  • Butterfly Box
  • Bat Box

Additional Hints & Tips:

Remember, this is best as an outside activity - as it can get pretty loud with the kids hammering

Generally these wood crafts are not painted but are considered completed once they are constructed as the paint can be messy and take a while to fully dry.



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