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Why You Need Beach Towels and...

Why You Need Beach Towels and...

Posted by Alex Sanchez on Jul 11, 2019

Close Up View of Beach Towels

Here's Why You Need Beach Towels and Toddler Pools At Your Carnival!

Here at Carnival Savers, we've witnessed many innovative solutions to a carnival problems while visiting at a local school and church carnivals and festivals. Keep reading this brief article to learn why you should have some beach towels handy and why you may want to buy some toddler pools before they sell out this summer! These common items may just come in handy at your next carnival, even if it's a fall or winter carnival!  

nb-one.jpg Toddler Pools Can be Inexpensive Large Coolers

Summertime plastic hard sided pools are easy to find and many are less than $10. These common supplies just may be perfect to ice down drinks at your big event!

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Toddler Pools Used as Cold Drink Coolers
The above image shows toddler pools being used as cold drink coolers.

Notice that the pool closest to the camera had a steady stream of water spilling out from the top. Our suggestion would be to have a few drain holes drilled in the bottom of the edges that hang off the table to allow the melted ice to drain and prevent the drip from the top.

The good news is that for outdoor carnivals and festivals the dripping water typically is not a slipping hazard. This is because spills on rough surfaces such as asphalt or concrete walkways will be less slippery and evaporate quicker outdoors.

nb-two.jpg We All Know Indoor Spills are a Hazard...

Sweating Soda Cans
The above image shows sweating soda can tops.

But sometimes we forget how much water drips off a cold drinks that are iced down in a cooler! Condensation and drips from chilled drinks in ice chests can create a mess at indoor carnivals! Plus, spills on smooth floors can create a slipping hazard for everyone but especially younger siblings and grandparents that are invitee to their organization's carnival.

Wet Floor Caution SignThe above image shows a wet floor caution sign on a wet floor.

If possible, you want to avoid all slippery floors during your carnival so you do not have hazard signs during your big day!

nb-three.jpg Beach Towels are More Than Just Cute Table Covers...

While visiting at a carnival hosted by a Texas elementary school, we noticed that volunteers placed beach towels on top of their "drink station tables".

At first we believed that this school simply used beach towels as a tablecover alternative to add some design and color! However, this wasn't the case: they used beach towels as a fun & decorative way to reduce condensation from ice-cold drinks! They even placed what appeared to be some older towels on the ground in front of the coolers to prevent slippery floors for the volunteers too!

We LOVE this genius idea!

Notice how this school also added colorful boxes with cute carnival signs to their tables so the crowd could easily tell where to find waters, sodas, pretzels, cotton candy and more!

We do have a cute set of Carnival Food Signs to buy at a super reasonable price - click here to check them out! 

Carnival Food Signs on Drink Table with Beach Towels
The above image shows Carnival food signs with beach towels on the tables.

Carnival volunteers tapped the ice-cold drinks on beach towels to remove extra water drops and some condensation before handing over the drink to a carnival goer and this reduced water on the smooth inside floor - so they did not need the warning sign!

nb-four.jpg Ask Your Volunteers: 

We recommend you incorporate this excellent idea at your own carnival! 

Simply ask some carnival volunteers to bring older - but clean - beach towels the day of the carnival. Place these beach towels in between the ice chests and drink station and on the tables so drips will not make the floor slippery for volunteers or for your carnival crowd. Be sure to teach your volunteers to tap drinks onto the towel to remove condensation before handing them to a customer.

Of course, at the end of your event, you will have some soggy towels! Be sure to have some large plastic bags so that during clean up time, the soaked, donated beach towels can go home and be washed and dried for your next big event!