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The 25 Best Carnival Prizes for Adults...

The 25 Best Carnival Prizes for Adults...

Posted by Alex Sanchez on Feb 18, 2021

Best Carnival Prizes for Adults

The Best Carnival Prizes for Adults!

Grown-ups deserve to have fun, too. Hosting a carnival, festival, or other fun event needing fun but inexpensive carnival prizes for adults? Below are our 25 favorite (inexpensive, cheap) carnival prizes for adults. Some are office supplies, some are wearable, some are games, but all are sure to be a hit in the office or at home. Who doesn't love a silly and unique gag gift or prize?

(By the way, check out our FREE hints & tips at our awesome carnival blog!)

nb-one.jpg  Felt Stovepipe Hats

Adults love these carnival prizes because they combine the refinery of top hots - with the goofiness of bright shapes and colors. Crazy stovepipe hats are the perfect gag gift for grown-up carnival goers.

nb-two.jpg  Mini Emoticon Puzzle Cube

Game cubes are much harder than they look. Some adults may remember playing games before phones, so these game cubes makes a great adult carnival prize!

nb-three.jpg  Relaxable Sports Balls

Ah, stress toys - something most adults have (or should have) this year! These relaxable, soft, foam sports balls are great as a stress toy... or simply as a sports ball.

nb-four.jpg  Jumbo Playing Cards

As you get older, your eyes get worse, as every adult knows. That's why these jumbo playing cards are perfect carnival prizes for the grown-ups. For adults who'd prefer smaller, Luau- or beach- themed playing cards, those exist too!

nb-five.jpg  Inflatable "1000 lbs" Barbell

Ever wanted to tell your friends that you can bench 1000 lbs? Well, now you can (technically) - and you can even make a social media video to prove it. Check out this fun carnival prize!

Carnival prizes for adults - hats, stress balls, jumbo playing card and more!

nb-six.jpg  Light-up Expanding Swords

These light-up, expanding swords are really cool prizes for adults at carnivals. Plus, not many other adults can say that they own a sword. Grown-ups can nerd out too.

nb-seven.jpg  Hundred Dollar Bill Pens

Pens are boring. But Benjamin Franklins? Not so much. Check out these fun and functional hundred dollar bill pens, which are also a necklace, which means you'll never lose this pen again. Please note that these are not legal tender.


  Clear Dice

Dice are one of those things that you don't need often, but when you do, they're great to have. Give adults the opportunity to win these cool clear dice prizes at your carnival.

nb-nine.jpg Mini Fire Extinguisher Squirts

Mini fire extinguisher squirts make for excellent adult carnival prizes. Fill 'em with water and use them to water plants or to squirt misbehaving cats, kids, or even coworkers. Note: These obviously cannot replace a real fire extinguisher and are not up to Fire Code.

nb-ten.jpg  Jumbo Sunglasses

These massive sunglasses are the perfect gag gift for adults to win at carnivals. Never lose your sunglasses again! Or, wear them for an automatic win at your next office costume party.

Adult carnival prizes - silly glasses, squirters, pens on a rope and more!

Below are our honorable mentions...

checkmark.jpg  Plastic Adult Funny Faces

Guaranteed to make everyone chuckle, adult funny faces are super fun prizes for adults at carnivals. Or, conceal your identity during your next grocery store run - nobody will recognize you, and you can avoid talking with people! Awesome.

checkmark.jpg  Flower Lei Necklaces

Flower lei necklaces or lei anklets are great prizes for a beach- or luau- themed carnival booth. If only you could be at the beach too!

checkmark.jpg  Golf Club Pens

Now there's one more way for golfers to let the world know how great golfing is - with a fun golf club pen! Golfing grown-ups will appreciate these cute pens.

checkmark.jpg  Inspirational Stones

Can't find a single rock in your town? Do you have a lack of stones in your community? Ever wanted to spread positive, uplifting messages? Well, now you can! "Kill two birds with one stone" by winning these inspirational stones at the next carnival. Also works as a paperweight or a decoration.

 Adult carnival prizes - flower leis, ankle bracelets, unique pens!

checkmark.jpg  Plastic Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras masks are also fun carnival prizes for adults. Wear them at the carnival, at home, and at the next office costume party. They're another classic prize!

checkmark.jpg  Wooden Bendable Snake

These wooden bendable snakes are a really cool adult carnival prize. Each segment moves at an angle and they look really cool when they twist & turn. Hmm, could also be used as an April Fool's Day prank!

checkmark.jpg  Lump of Coal Stress Ball

Naughty or nice? Keep a lump of coal shaped stress ball on your office desk. Every grown-up should have a stress ball, because we need it - this year has been stressful! This is a fun carnival prize for the winter holiday season.

checkmark.jpg  Metallic Bead Necklaces

Metallic bead necklaces are fun prizes that adults can appreciate too. They work perfectly as adult carnival prizes for Mardi Gras-themed events, and they're one of those classic carnival prizes!

checkmark.jpg  Lipstick Pens

Every lady has her favorite lipstick and a favorite pen to rule the world with, so why not also have a lipstick pen? These super-adorable pens are perfect to keep in the purse as an emergency pen, or to keep in the office as a memorable pen (they're too unique to just disappear!)

Ideas for adult carnival prizes - bead necklaces, realistic snakes and more!

checkmark.jpg  Bright Foil Pinwheels

Pinwheels are one of those classic, old-fashioned carnival prizes. However, we've found that adults really like winning them, because they can be used as cute yard or flower pot decorations. Check 'em out here.

checkmark.jpg  Inflatable Microphones

These inflatable microphones are huge! Out-perform your friends, significant other, and kids at the next karaoke competition. Or bring out the jumbo mike when you need to make an announcement, and you'll have everyone's attention.

checkmark.jpg  Mini Flashlights

Everyone keeps their phone on them nowadays, but the novelty of the colorful mini flashlight has not yet worn off. Keep a few mini flashlights around the house as a backup light - you never know when they'll come in handy.

checkmark.jpg  Colorful Rope Bracelet

Colorful rope bracelets are practical carnival prizes. You can use them to divide adults into groups for carnival games. There are 6 different colors, which means having up to 6 different groups for activities. Or, simply use as carnival prizes for adults.

checkmark.jpg  Pastry Keychains

Keychains are also highly practical adult prizes. Use these memorable, cute donut keychains to add flair to your keychain, or to mark specific keys (ever forget the purpose of that one key you never use? You're not the only one!)

checkmark.jpg  Stick-on Mustaches

Stick-on mustaches are fun temporary disguises. Want a fun change, but not the full adult funny face prize? Choose these awesome stick-on mustaches and get ready to snap some pictures to share!

Adult carnival prize ideas including pinwheels, donut keychains and mini flashlights.