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Homeaween Is Better Than Halloween...

Homeaween Is Better Than Halloween...

Posted by Carnival Savers on Oct 31, 2020

Family taking a picture at home with Halloween Masks

4 Reasons Home-A-Ween Is Better Than Halloween...

If you think about it, the word Halloween is kind of a silly word, right? We think Home-A-Ween is an even funnier word, but it’s an important buzzword this year! (#CelebrateHomeaween!) Why? Keep reading to find out (this short blog will only take a few minutes to read!) 

nb-one.jpg Reason #1: Toddlers Are Scared by Spooky Costumes. 

During Halloween, younger kids and toddlers may be frightened by spooky, scary costumes. To these little fellows, scary costumes can actually be downright terrifying. If you celebrate Halloween at home (Homeaween!), you don’t have to be concerned that your little ones will end the night in tears from scary costumes.

nb-two.jpg Reason #2: You Have Complete Control Over The Candy 

Perhaps your family is health-conscious, preferring to keep all-natural foods in the household. Or maybe you have a child with very serious nut allergies. Reasons such as these can make parents slightly nervous about the candy kids will receive on Halloween. Whatever your reason, by having Halloween at home (or #Homeaween), you’ll have complete control over the candy your child will be eating. No need to worry about allergies or even unhealthy food!

nb-three.jpg Reason #3: Make Awesome Family Memories! 

By having Homeaween or Halloween-at-Home, you can make holiday memories (or even a new tradition) for years to come. We recommend making a fun Halloween-themed dinner, then dressing up in fun costumes with the family. Finally you can play super-fun Halloween games (which are easy to set up!) and win candy as prizes. Read more details about setting up a Home Halloween at our last post here. 

nb-.jpg Finally, Reason #4: Home-A-Ween Means Date Night!

Celebrating Halloween at home (Homeaween) means that the parents will have more time for a lovely holiday date night! This Halloween 2020 does fall on a Saturday, after all. So once you’ve finished with the Halloween festivities at home, put the kids to bed - they’ll be sleepy after that sugar crash. You and your loved can then finish the night with a wonderful Saturday date night. No need to hire a babysitter!

Thanks for reading this quick read on the Carnival Savers blog!

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