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Face-Painting The EASY Way!

Face-Painting The EASY Way!

Posted by Katie Knight on Jul 20, 2018

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How to Save Money On Your Face-Painting Booth... The EASY Way!

Face-painting carnival booths are a favorite of kids but can be an absolute hassle - especially for a first time carnival committee! They can be messy, costly, difficult to coordinate, and time-consuming. Carnival volunteers may not have confidence in their art skills (or lack thereof), and might feel uncomfortable working at your face-painting booth. 

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Luckily, we at Carnival Savers have a simple & FAST solution. Continue reading on to discover our number one tip to an awesome face-painting booth experience! 

(Last updated July 26, 2021 by the Carnival Savers Team.)

nb-one.jpg Our Idea Costs Pennies Each

Traditional face-painting booths can be expensive! If you're doing it yourself, you'll need to purchase pricey paints designed for face painting (NOT just non-toxic paints), paintbrushes, palettes, and perhaps a print-out of designs. On the other hand, if you hire a professional painter, it is helpful to know that they can sometimes charge up to $75 per hour or more -- that's a ton of money that could be saved using our inexpensive, easy, time-effective method! 

nb-two.jpg Takes Just A Few Supplies  

Traditional face-painting certainly requires a lot of supplies! You'd need to purchase many different tubes of paint to get all the colors you'd need, because kids may want to have all the colors of the rainbow on their face. These supplies will certainly dry up or be spilled before your next carnival, but our method prevents this from happening.

nb-three.jpg Is Nearly Mess Free

Most face-painting booths need to be outside since they're so messy... but ours can be indoors OR outdoors! There's a chance some "stain-free" face paint could end up on your child's clothing or shoes, or even YOUR clothing or purse. Fortunately, our method is nearly mess-free, and therefore can be used for a fantastic indoor face-painting booth. 

nb-four.jpg Requires NO Artistic Ability 

Volunteers may feel that their artistic and face-painting skills are inadequate to serve at your booth. This might result in a little discomfort if they're asked to paint something that they feel completely unable to draw! 

nb-five.jpg Only Takes 45 - 60 Seconds 

Finally, our face-painting method takes just under one minute! Face-painting booths are usually popular, resulting in long lines and long wait times. Our idea will make your lines go SO much faster. 

Finally, our face-painting method takes just under one minute! Face painting booths are typically extremely popular, resulting in long lines and long wait times. Our idea negates this!

 nb-.jpg(Did You Guess It?) So, What Is The EASY Way To Do Face-Painting?

It's so simple... just use temporary tattoos! Kids' washable tattoos only require additional water and paper towels (or unscented baby wipes) in order to make them stick onto kids' faces. In comparison, traditional face-painting requires many paint tubes, paintbrushes, palettes, and willing volunteers. A face tattoo booth is EASY for both carnival planners and volunteers alike! 

Want some inexpensive, cute tattoos to add to your carnival face-painting booth? You can get them HERE.

Thanks for reading, folks! 

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