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EASY Tattoo Booth: #1 Trick...

EASY Tattoo Booth: #1 Trick...

Posted by Cathy Knight on Mar 20, 2018

Children smiling laying down with removable tattoos face painting

Our #1 Trick - BABY WIPES!

That is easy! Kids love temporary tattoos, but applying them with tissues or paper towels can get a little messy. Read below to see how to use ordinary baby wipes make your removable tattoo booth quick and easy for your volunteers.

(Last updated by the Carnival Savers Team on July 25, 2021)

Baby wipes for a carnival face painting or tattoo booth
The above image shows a box of baby wipes.

nb-one.jpg Baby Wipes are NOT Just for BABIES!

Baby Wipes are fantastic for Removable Tattoo and Facepainting Booths! They're better than paper towels, which shred and make a huge mess. Grab some unscented baby wipes and follow the steps below. 

Another thing we LOVE about the baby wipes is that you can use just 1/2 per tattoo and throw them away. This helps prevent spreading germs - which make moms happy, too!

Scissors to cut baby wipes for a carnival face painting or tattoo booth
The above image shows a woman's hand holding scissors.

nb-two.jpg Have An Adult Cut Baby Wipes in Half 

Before Your carnival, have an adult cut the baby wipes in half. Most typical sized tattoos do not need a full wipe to get the job done.

So before your event, cut your wipes in half and then you can remove the lid so your volunteers can grab just 1/2 of a wipe to apply a tattoo to a child's cheek, hand or arm.

 A pitcher pouring out water for a carnival face painting or tattoo booth
The above image shows a pitcher of water being poured out.

nb-three.jpg Add Extra Water!

Most wipes are damp, but they need some extra water added to the plastic container to make sure the tattoos have enough liquid to stick! 

There a a few steps to applying tattoos.

The quick tip is to place the "sticky" side of the tattoo against dry skin - before you add any water. Then add the 1/2 sheet of baby wipes soaked with water and gently press for about 45 seconds until you peel up an edge of the tattoo and it easily lifts off - leaving the design in place!

  Super cute example board with text Removable Tattoos for a carnival face painting or tattoo booth
The above image shows a cute & fun display of temporary tattoos for a carnival booth.

nb-four.jpg Don't Forget Your Example Board

On a day that is not breezy at all - you can lay your tattoos out on a table for the children to choose their favorite. But, most days the slightest breeze will blow the tattoos right off your table, so it is a great idea to have a "Example Board" and keep your tattoos organized in a shoebox that is weighted (if necessary) to prevent them from taking flight!

That's it for today, folks. Thanks for reading our Carnival Blog!


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