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Decorating QUICKLY Without...

Decorating QUICKLY Without...

Posted by Cathy Knight on May 24, 2018

Colorful Balloon Grouped Together Outside

The FAST Way to Decorate Outside... Without Balloons!

Whether you are planning a School Carnival or Fall Festival, it is fun to add some additional outside color to draw attention to your big event. Colorful decorations also make a fantastic backdrop for photos!

Most of the time, planners choose balloons as the main outdoor decor, but we believe you can save a ton of time and money by using this one trick. So, what is the BEST way to add decoration and fun outside?

(Last updated by the Carnival Savers Team on July 26, 2021)

checkmark.jpg Our FAVORITE Way is... Colorful Flag Pennant Banners!

Did we mention the cost? Keep reading below to see our 5 reasons why you should add Pennant Banners to all your outdoor event decorations! 

Colorful Flag Pennant Banners for EASY Outdoor Decorations
The above image shows colorful flag pennant banners used for carnival decoration on a pretty field. 

nb-one.jpg Pennant Banners Are Cheap & Set Up FAST!

No inflating, no helium, no popping, no strings, and no balloons that blow away!

Simply unwrap your pennant banners (also known as flags on a rope) and wrap them around light poles, fence posts, columns, tree branches and tree trunks. We have decorated 100 feet in less than 10 minutes, and this is not an exaggeration! 

Oh, and have we mentioned the cost? ;) This fantastic decoration costs less than $10 for 100 feet of color! 

If this doesn't convince you yet then please see our other reasons below as to why you should choose Flag Pennant Banners instead of balloons for your Outdoor Decorations.

nb-two.jpg Colorful Flags Decorate Large Areas

Most Pennant Banners are 100 feet long. You may easily tie them together end to end and even overlap them if you choose.

We recommend hanging them as high as you easily can - so a step stool with a tall volunteer will get the job done well! 

If you wish to go over a large crowd, you may want to use an ordinary ladder. However, you don't have to get this decoration much more than 8 to 9 feet off the ground.

nb-three.jpg Banners Are Weather Resistant & Last for Days

Unlike balloons that start to deflate in just one day, banners can be used for an entire weekend during a festival, or to decorate and draw attention to an up and coming event! Banners last years longer since they're colorful flags on a rope, and not lightweight objects made of delicate latex or rubber. 

Also - a little bit of rain is not going to harm the plastic pennant banners - because they are made of plastic, they hold up great!  If you set up for a carnival the night before and they get a few sprinkles - they will be just fine in the morning. :)

nb-four.jpg Hanging Flags Can Be Reused Year After Year

Recyclers rejoice! Pennant Banners can be used for many years and multiple events, unlike balloons. 

We recommend first taking them down and stacking the flags one by one on top of each other, then rolling up and securing with a rubber band.

We even have this decoration for other seasons! Check out our Fall Festival Pennant Colorful BannerHalloween Decoration and Patriotic Colored Pennant Banner - they are great for your big event!

Check out how quickly they can be folded below!

nb-five.jpg This Decoration Takes Very Little Storage Room

Can you believe these pennant banners, once folded only take the space of about to take up the space of about 2 paper towel rolls. Unlike some other decorations, this outside decor is lightweight and can be tucked away in a box or bag for year around events. 

Awesome! Now that we know you LOVE them just as much as we do, click here to see the different varieties we supply, so that you can choose your favorite color/style for your big event! Also consider checking out the multitudes of other decoration possibilities here. 

nb-.jpg Tip: Talk to Your "Clean Up Committee" BEFORE Your Event

We've seen energized clean-up committees accidentally toss out pennant banners, due to believing that they're part of the trash pile. Of course, after the big event, everyone is tired and ready to get home, so it is understandable that mistakes will be made! 

Be sure to tell your clean-up committee BEFORE the event to keep the pennant banners, as they can be used year after year. 

Thank you for reading the Carnival Savers blog

Check out more posts below if you're interested in learning more hints and tips to save you money and time!

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