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A Simple Way To Avoid...

A Simple Way To Avoid...

Posted by Cathy Knight on Aug 29, 2013

Avoid Shutting Down Your Carnival Walk Carnival Booth - 
Have Supplies for Cupcake Sets!

  Updated 5-18-2018

When planning a carnival, sometimes it is hard to know exactly how many folks will show up and how many items you need for each booth. The cake walk booth is no exception! Most schools and churches ask for volunteers to donate baked goods for this very popular booth. 

When we visit carnivals, the  Cake Walk Carnival Booth seems to be the booth that shuts down most frequently because they have run out of goodies to give away. 

If you find you are running low on treats, with a few simple supplies, you can make your cupcakes go much further! 

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See what you need below to make these cute, popular sets! 

nb-one.jpg Cupcakes & Food Safe Gloves

Many times donations of cupcakes come in for your cake walk. So have the supplies below so volunteers can make those donations go farther and this can prevent you from needing to close your Cake Walk Booth before the end of your carnival.

nb-two.jpg Clear Cups & Spoons 

You can easily find these simple supplies at your local grocery store and of course the cost is more reasonable. 

nb-three.jpg Cello Bags & Curling Ribbon

You can easily find Cello Bags at your local grocery store or ones with decoration at craft stores as well. 

Note: If you are worried that the cupcake sets will not be as exciting for kids to win, you would be surprised! Because these sets look like a package all wrapped up, the kids seem to get just as excited about winning these as a full box of cupcakes.

Add these sets as a way to save money on this traditional carnival game!


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