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Toilet Paper Toss


Carnival Booth Idea: Toilet Paper Toss 

Supplies Needed for Carnival Booth – Toilet Paper Toss:

DIY or Homemade Toilet Paper Toss Game (see directions below)
6 Rolls of Toillet Paper wrapped or tapped with duct tape or packing tape (to prevent unraveling)
Carnival Prizes -- top, medium and conslation

Note: We love to pass out Tootsie Roll Candy as a consolaton prize -- they cost pennies and kind of match the toilet theme :)

How to Play: 

Before the carnival, set up the Toilet paper game and make a few different line for various age groups of children. (Younger children will be closer to the game to make winning easier for them).
Players are given 3 rolls of TP for a chance to get as many rolls of TP in toilet.

Winnings can work like this:
0-1 roll in the "potty" = consolation prize
2 rolls in the "potty" = medium prize
3 rollin in the "potty" = top prize 

Make the Toilet Paper Toss Game Supplies:
New, donated toilet seat. Ask a local building supply if they have a slightly damaged (new) seat they would donate to you for your game. 
Plywood, possibly donated, to construct the box with a back to support the toilet seat 
Paint to finish the look (see photo above) 
Obviously, you will need an adult volunteer who is good at constructing things with wood and possibly someone else who can paint your game booth and make it look nice!

Awesome Potty Themed Supplies for the Toilet Paper Toss Game!


tootsie-roll-candy.jpg small-toy-mini-noiseputty.jpg glow-in-the-dark-lizards.jpg carnival-prize-stuffed-snake.jpg
 Tootsie Roll Candy  Mini Noise Putty  Glow in the Dark Lizards  Stuffed Animal Snakes



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minipop2.jpgCarnival Savers Tip:

 We have seen this fun game constucted using a large cardboard box. So... if you are looking for a quick DIY Carnival Game Idea for a backyard carnival or for even a school carnival the Toilet Paper Toss just might be perfect!!


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