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Ring Toss


Carnival Game to Buy – Ring Toss 


Carnival Game Supplies –Ring Toss :
Ring Toss Game with rings
Sidewalk Chalk, Spray Paint (for grass), or Masking Tape (best used indoors) or other method to mark starting lines to “even the playing field” for different aged children

How to Play the Ring Toss Carnival Game:
Another traditional carnival game and super easy set up simply put the base down and set the pegs in place
You can have the kids play this carnival game on the ground or put it up on a table.

Players are given 3 rings to toss to try to get the highest score.

You can choose your prize levels – for example:
0-15 Points is a Consolation Prize
20-50 Points is a Middle Prize
55-75 Points is a Top Prize

If you are just getting started with your carnival – this is an easy and inexpensive carnival game to buy to add to your list! The ring toss game we sell easily sets and stores quickly in a box ready for next year!

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Supplies and Carnival Supplies for the Ring Toss Game