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Rock the Boat



Tired of Tipping Ducks? These Boats Won't Sink or Tip Over!


Supplies for Carnival Game - Rock the Boat:
1 Toddler Pool Filled with 3 or so inches of water
24 Floating Foam Boats
Permanent Marker 

Consolation Prizes and Top Prizes for the winners 

How to Play the Rock the Boat Carnival Game:

Before your carnival, use your permanent marker and mark the boats 1 - 12 twice. (You are setting up a matching game, so if you have more boats you will need to have an even number of boats and mark the boats with numbers that match)

The goal of this game is to choose 2 boats and match the numbers on the bottom of each boat to win a prize!

Carnival players are given 3 chances to pick two different sailboats with matching numbers on their bottom side. If the numbers on 2 boats match, they win a prize!

Each player has 3 chances to match the ducks. So each player may pick 2 different ducks up to 3 times to see if they can come up with a matching set!

This game is especially loved by todders and is also a twist on a very traditonal carnival game - the duck pond!

Just like the duck pond, this game is sure to attract preschool children, so be sure to have some toddler safe prizes (like mini packages of gollfish) for your little players!

Warning: Because this game involves water, be sure to have an adult present with this game at all times! 

Prizes and Supplies for the Rock the Boat Carnival Game!

Foam Floating Sailboat Craft   Mini Shark Squirt Toys  Pirate Coin Necklace Toys  Pirate Jewels in Drawstring Bag Prize
Floating Boats Mini Shark Squirt Toys Pirate Coin Necklaces  Pirate Jewels in Bag


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No More 
Tipping Ducks!

If you are tired of tipping ducks - this is a perfect solution!

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minipop2.jpgCarnival Savers Tip:

Have some prizes just for toddlers as young children love this carnival game! Mini Goldfish Crackers are a great idea! 

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