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Sticky Darts


Carnival Game Idea - Safari Sticky Darts

Carnival Supplies for Safari Sticky Darts Game:
Sticky Darts – (see a photo or order below).
Cardboard Safari Animal(s) (sold below)
Artificial Trees if used indoors (optional) 
GREEN FLY PDF (Click for a Free Download)

Glitter for fly (to make the darts stick better) Tape to tape flys on the animals

Hula Hoops or Small Traffic Cones to mark a stand behind spot for different age children to stand to throw sticky darts If outdoors - a chair or tree to secure each animal so they do not blow over and packing tape or bungie cord to attach the animal to the solid object. Prizes – consolation, Bulls Eye prize


How to Play Safari Sticky Darts Carnival Game:
Children are given three sticky darts to throw at the glittery fly on a safari animal.   If the child does not hit the fly in three tries, they receive a consolation prize.

If they hit a fly - they win a top prize!
About Sticky Darts -- These cute little darts are sticky on the end and stick to just about anything! They are reusable, but do become a little less sticky with each throw.  Count on using each dart about 10-15 times each.

Also, it is not necessary to purchase all Safari Animals. If you choose just one, and have it indoors, be sure to add a fake tree or other plants to add to the "safari atmosphere"!

The Safari Sticky Darts Carnival Game is one of the easiest to set up and great fun (and safe) for kids to play.  If you are looking for a unique, new game idea - don't miss out on this one! 

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 Note: The sticky dart game is a great addition to any carnival!  Because the animals tend to knock over in the slightest breeze, it is a good idea to hold this game indoors! If you choose to have the game outside, each animal will need to be attached to a solid object like a tree or a chair.

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 Sticky Darts  Tiger Cardboard Stand-Up  Zebra Cardboard Stand-Up  Gorialla Cardboard Stand-Up  Mini Safari Stuffed Animals