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Fish Ring Toss


Carnival Game Idea – Tropical Fish Ring Toss 

Carnival Game Supplies –Tropical Fish Ring Toss :
Wooden Fish Ring Toss Game with rope rings
Blue colored shower curtain, butcher paper (if indoors) or cloth material to resemble "water or the ocean"  for your wooden fish.

How to Play the Ring Toss Carnival Game:
Before the carnival, remove the wooden fish from the box and using the included screws, attach the poles. Lay out your blue ocean and place your "school of  fish" in the booth. Carnival players are given three rope rings for 3 chances to loop as many fish as they can.

Suggestions for prizes for your Fish Ring Toss: 
0 Fish - Consolation Prize
1 or 2 Fish – Middle Prize
3 Fish -  Top Prize

This ring toss game is fast and simple to set up and easy to store for next year’s carnival too! (Simply remove the screws and return to the box for next year!)

Like all carnival games, we recommend you set this one up and test it out. You will want one in about 10 – 15 kids to loop all three fish in 3 tries, so have some volunteers try it out to make sure it is not too hard or easy.

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 Carnival Supplies for Fish Toss Carnival Game

fish-ring-toss-carnival-gam.jpg swedish-fish-candy.jpg fish-shaped-bubbles.jpg fish-bouncing-balls.jpg stuffed-animal-puffer-fish.jpg
Fish Ring Toss Carnival Game Swedish Fish Candy Fish Shaped Bubbles Fish Bouncing Balls Stuffed Animal Puffer Fish