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Clear Putty with Glitter (96 total glitter puttys in 2 boxes) 16¢ each

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Small clean putty with glitter


Uh-oh... gooey putty has gotten pretty popular recently; hasn't it? Not to fear! Here at Carnival Savers, we have more than enough to go around (well, except when it's out of stock due to being so popular... oops!) 

Kids can use this Clear Putty with Glitter to create almost any shape they want. Since kiddos LOVE both glitter and silly putty, this will make an excellent carnival prize for any game you’re hosting.

The putty comes in a small plastic container (1 1/4”), with a lid that keeps it moist. The putty comes in red, orange, purple, green and blue. The putty arrives in 2 boxes, for a total of 96 individual products. There's plenty of fun to go around! 

Caution: may stain clothing or other surfaces; use with adult supervision.
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