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Chuck a Duck


Carnival Game Idea: Chuck a Duck


Supplies Needed for Carnival Game – Chuck a Duck:
Chuck a Duck Bean Bag Set (sold below)
Carnival Prizes - Small, Medium and Top Prizes

If Outside-
1. Stakes to secure the bottom of the game from breezes
2. Clothes pins to attach the Chuck a Duck to a low hanging branch or other framework to allow for secure hanging of the game
3. Sidewalk Chalk, Spray Paint or Small Lenths of Rope cut to make lines for children to stand behind

If Inside -
1. Duct Tape or Push Pins to attach over a doorway
2. Masking Tape to make lines for children to stand behind

How to Play:
Before the carnival, test the bean bags and the stand for difficulty and place “stand behind” lines for different age children using sidewalk chalk or tape.
Children are given 2 colorful bean bags and 1 duck bean bag to toss per game.
The kids have 3 total chances to get the beanbags in the nets. The Duck Beanbag count as double points!

Note: This is very similar to a traditional bean bag toss. 

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