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Shark Tank


Carnival Game Idea for Older Kids / Teens – Shark Tank Toss


Carnival Game Supplies – Shark Tank Toss: 24 Mini Shark Tanks or Fish Bowls (plastic are best ) 8 - 12  Mini Squirt Sharks Ping Pong or "Table Tennis" Balls (12 and more are best) Mini Plastic Pails (for holding balls in set for carnival players) Table to hold Shark Tanks - also may set up on flat ground Blue or Black material or tablecloth Red food coloring to color a few of the Shark Tanks (optional - see details below ) Tablecloth clips to keep tablecloth from blowing in the breeze to hold down tablecloth (optional) Foot Traffic Cones or Sidewalk Chalk to mark "stand behind" lines Carnival Prizes - consolation and top carnival prizes - shark themed prizes make this game super fun for teens!

How to Play the Shark Tank Toss: This carnival game is a twist on a traditional and very popular carnival game - Fish Bowl Carnival Game. This Carnival Savers Original Carnival Game idea is best for kids older than preschool!

Before the carnival, fill the "shark tanks" with water to the neck of the bowl. Next choose 12 mini shark squirts and put into the tanks (see image above.) In other words, half the tanks witll have sharks. Optional and only for older players -- using red food coloring, color about 4 - 6 of the shark tanks with the sharks red.
Note:To get the sharks to sink to the bottom, immerse them into the water and squeeze them to release the air and replace with water - your sharks should sit happily on the bottom of their tanks for your game.

Players are given 3 balls to try their chance at getting a ball into an emply shark tank.  If they get their ball into a shark tank with a shark, or they do not land into a tank at all, they receive a consolation prize. If one of their balls lands into a shark tank with red dye, they lose thier turn!

How Players Win a Prize: Ball into a Shark Tank With Red Dye = Loose a Turn (but still receive a Consolation Prize) Ball into a Shark Tank with a Shark = Consolation Prize Ball into and Empty Shark Tank =  Top Prize

Like all carnival games, we recommend you set this one up and test it out. In our tests, giving players 3 chances, they had about a 1 in 12 - 15 chance of getting a ball into an emply shark tank when standing about 3 - 5 feet from the game. This fun game looks easy but is really quite a challange - and teens and adults love it!

Note: The plastic shark tanks can be pricey so we came up with a similar carnival game that uses plastic cups. Click to see our Fish Cup Carnival Game idea from your friends at Carnival Savers!

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"Feeding Frendsy" of Carnival Supplies & Prizes for Shark Tank Game

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Plastic Fish Bowls Mini Shark Squirts Mini Plastic Pails Shark Gummy Candy Shark Inflatable Toy