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Soda Pop Toss Carnival Party Game


Soda Pop Toss - Kids Carnival Party Game 

Supplies for Carnival Party Game - Soda Pop Toss:
Soda Pop Toss Game Set (sold below)
Plastic Tablecloth (as shown above)
Duct Tape to tape tablecloth to cement (or masking tape if used indoors)
Medium sized bucket or basket for rings
Plastic Cones (shown) or Stand Behind Lines for Kids of Different Ages
Carnival Prizes 

How to Play the Soda Pop Toss Party Game:
Before your party set up your Soda Pop Toss Game Set.
(The game set we sell takes about 15 - 20 minutes -- so we recommend you put the set together days before the party)

Each party game player is given 6 rings with a chance to ring one soda with a matching color ring.

Remember: The goal of this game is to ring ONE Soda with a Matching Color Ring! 

So... If a player rings two sodas with the same ring, that ring DOES NOT COUNT!

The boy shown in our photo loved the game and called it "addictive"

Note: For younger children (ages 3 - 6), you can make the carnival game easier if you wish, and allow them to win by simply ringing one soda bottle with any color ring. But, for older players, we recommend making the game a little tougher as detailed above. :)


Carnival Party Supplies & Prizes for the Soda Pop Toss Carnival Booth Coming Soon!




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Rain or Shine - this backyard carnival game to buy can easily be moved indoors! Kids are going to love it -- be sure to add this one to your kids party game list!


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