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DIY Lollipop Garden Carnival Party Game


Lollipop Garden - Carnival Party Game 

Supplies for Carnival Party Game - Lollipop Garden :
Mini Swirl Lollipops (one for each child)
Set of garden pots or flat shallow garden box (hopefully something you have around the house)
Decorator foam (from a craft store) to hold the lollipops in place
Sharpie pen in two or more colors
Carnival Prizes 

How to Play the Lollipop Garden Party Game:
Before the carnival, use the sharpie pen and mark the bottom of all suckers a different color.

Place lollipops in the garden pots and have prize buckets with the prizes marked by color. For example, have a small bucket with a sign that says "Blue End Sticks Prize, Red End Sticks Prize etc.)

Each player chooses a lollipop from the lollipop tree. Every player gets to keep the lollipop they choose. Also, children look for the colored mark on the bottom of their sucker and choose the prize that corresponds to the color on the bottom of thier lollipop.

Note: The directions for the Lolllipop Garden are for folks planning a Carnival Birthday Party game which is different then a fundraising carnival lollipop tree! With the carnival party game, all kids are a winner of at least one additional prize!

Safety Note: This booth is popular for small children - you may wish to have individual bags of animal crackers on hand.  If a toddler wins, let the parents decide if the little one receives the top prize or a bag of animal crackers (in addition to the lollipop they choose from the tree).  


Carnival Party Supplies & Prizes for the Lollipop Garden Carnival Booth!




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minipop2.jpgCarnival Savers Tip:

This Lollipop Garden is easy to make and can be used indoors as a party table decoration instead of a game at your party! You can simply allow children to pick a lollipop from the garden to take home as a treat at the end of your party!!


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