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DIY Carnival Party Game - Clothespin Drop


Clothespin Drop - DIY Kids Party Game 

Supplies for DIY Carnival Party Game - Clothespin Drop :

Large jug with small opening (we used a clear 1 gallon water jug and covered it with red and white striped paper)
Clothespins (You will want 50 - 100 clothespins to prevent from slowing the game)
Small Hula Hoop (as shown) or sidewalk chalk to prevent kids from standing right over the jug
1 medium container to hold the clothes pins for your game
Duct tape (for under the jug) or other weights for inside the jug if this is used outside on a breezy day! 
Carnival Prizes 

How to Play:

Well before your party, decorate your jug, gather all the other supplies so you are ready to set up this game booth similar to our example above.

Each player has 4 chances to drop a clothespin into the jug.

Players win a top prize if they are able to get one of the clothespins in the decorated jug! 

This game is harder than it looks so for your carnival themed birthday party with younger children, you may wish to allow players to have as many chances until they get in a clothespin so all children get a prize!:)

Note: This game is perfect for a indoor carnival party! So... even in bad weather this game is ready to keep kids entertained indoors!





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minipop2.jpgCarnival Savers Tip:

 This is a super easy set-up kids game - you even can use a rinsed out milk carton! Just remember to get your supplies together well before your party so you are not running around the house looking for the clothespins you know you have somewhere but cannot find!

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