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Disk Drop Backyard Carnival Game


Disk Drop Table Top Game - Kids Carnival Party Game


Supplies for Carnival Party Game - Disk Drop:
Disk Drop Game Set (sold below)
Small Table for game so kids are not leaning down to play
Plastic Tablecloth (as shown above)
Carnival Prizes 

How to Play the Soda Pop Toss Party Game:
Set up this game before the party -- this one is SUPER EASY -- just remove from the box and set it
up with the wooden dowl in the back. (This game sets on a table like a picture frame does leaning back slightly)

Generally, each player is given one disk to play, but this game goes so fast, it is fun to give them 3 tries to see if they can land in the number 5 slot!

You can have different prizes correspond to each number, if you give them just one try, or you can have a top prize for players who land in the number 5 slot -- the choice is yours!

Note: For a carnival themed birthday party game, you can give the kids the 3 disks and let them try to hit the number 5 slot -- generally for younger children, they can play until they win!


Carnival Party Supplies & Prizes for the Matching Ducks Carnival Booth!

Disk Drop Backyard Carnival Game  


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DIY Kids Party Game Idea!


The Clothespin Drop Carnival Game is almost free 'do it yourself" kids game! Just use a empyt water jug and clothespins!
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 minipop2.jpgCarnival Savers Tip:

This is another backyard carnival game to buy that can easily be moved indoors! Kids are going to love it -- be sure to add this one to your kids party game list!


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