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Carrot Match


Spring Carnival Game Idea - Carrot Match

Carnival Game Supplies -- Carrot Match DIY Game:
12 Plastic Carrot Containers
3 – 4 Medium sized Stuffed Bunnies (the bunnies can be the same or different)
3 – 4 Different colored Ribbons (to tie around the stuffed animal’s necks) OR different colored toys to place in their laps (as shown above)
Consolation, Medium and Top Prizes 

How to Play:
This easy to set up DIY carnival game is a matching game with the object of this carnival game is for the player to guess which items hidden inside the carrots match the ribbon around the bunny’s neck. Before your carnival, tie different colored ribbons around the neck of each stuffed animal and place a matching item of the same color in a corresponding carrot. (You may wish to have two or more “sets” of carrots – it is very important that each set has one matching color of each ribbon)

Place stuffed animals on a table that children can reach. For example, you have 3 bunnies with yellow, purple and green ribbons. Each player receives three carrots – one containing yellow, one containing purple and one containing green jelly beans inside.
At the Carrot Match Carnival Booth, children guess which carrot to place in front of each rabbit. Booth volunteers open the container to show player it the items in the carrots match the color around the stuffed animal's neck.
If all three match, they win a top carnival prize. For one match they win a middle prize. For no matches, they receive a consolation prize. 

Note: Before the carnival, decide how hard you want this game to be. If you choose 3 animals – the child will have a one in 6 chance of winning a top prize. If you choose to have 4 stuffed animals the players will have a one in 20 chance of winning the top prize. If you have a large carnival you can have two games running at the same time.

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Great Carnival Prizes for the Carrot Match!

carrot-container.jpg mini-easter-camera-viewers.jpg easter-bunny-bubbles.jpg  mini-easter-pens.jpg stuffed-bunny.jpg
Plastic Carrot Container Mini Easter Camera Viewers Easter Bunny Bubbles  Mini Easter Pens Stuffed Animal Bunny


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