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Winter Sand Art

Winter Carnival Activity Idea - Sand Art!


Craft Sand in Clear Containers & plastic Spoons.



Get a FREE Plastic Funnel in most Container Sets!


Supplies for Christmas Themed Sand Art:winter-sand-art-carnival-actitvity.jpg

bullet point Craft Sand in assorted colors
bullet pont Sand Art Bottles - one for each user (see winter themes below)
bullet point 2 Long Tables with Tablecloths to cover each table
bullet point Shallow Containers for each color of sand (clear looks best)
bullet point Buckets for holding sand art containers in the middle of the table (as shown above)
bullet point Mini Funnels - Most of our sets include a funnel or two per unit
bullet point Plastic Spoons for scooping the sand

Game Setup:

Before your carnival - set up your tables with the shallow containers each filled with a different colored sand and place the sand art bottles in containers on the tables.

In a perfect world, place each color of sand about 1 1/2 or more feet apart so the children need to move in front of the different colors to prevent the accidental mixture of the colors when they are too close together on the table.

(Note: The picture above shows the colored play sand too close together - we had to remind children not to mix colors - so have more tables to space out the sand!)

How to Run the Winter Themed Sand Art Booth:

Children choose a sand art container and place one funnel in the top. Next, each child will begin filling their container with sand of their choice! If the bottle they choose is a sand art necklace, have the children put the necklace top on while they fill the bottle, it helps to prevent them from losing the top! :)

This booth almost runs itself! Volunteers help children remove the lids to each sand art bottle and help them to make sure the sand is in the container to the very top so the design stays in place when the leave the table!

Additional Hints & Tips:

The sand art booth is a super fun activity for outdoors or indoors too! Believe it or not, it is not really that messy!

Of course, it is NOT recommended for inside a home, or on a school's wood gym floor, but we have seen this done in school cafeteria's with no issues that a good broom and dustpan could not handle.

Just remember to have plenty of tables with the sand spread out so the kids keep most of the sand on the tables!