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Naughty or Nice

DIY Christmas Party Activity - Naughty or Nice Kids Game!


"Lumps of Coal" Bounce out of Buckets.



Holiday Teddy Bears are a Awesome Top Prize!


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows foam balls being tossed into 4 cute Santa buckets arranged in a row.

Supplies for DIY Naughty or Nice:

bullet point 4 Red Buckets (we sell a mixture of bright red and green below - you will need 2 sets)
bullet point Black Felt Strips and Gold Felt to make "Santa Decoration" on buckets
bullet point Hot glue gun to adhere "santa" decorations
bullet point Packing tape or duct tape to keep buckets in place
bullet pont 8 - 12 Lumps of Coal Toys - SOLD OUT - See backup ideas below!

1. Use our Rock Stress Balls and Paint with No-Toxic Black Paint to resemble Lumps of Coal - our first choice!

2. See our Top Picks on Amazon for something similar - Lump of Coal Dog Toys or Lump of Coal Containers (#CommisionsEarned)

bullet point Decorations and or stand behind lines (we added a white tablecloth under the buckets)
bullet point Prizes - at least consolation and top prizes for this game! (Holiday small toys are fun for this booth)

Game Setup:

Before the Christmas carnival (or holiday party), make your "santa buckets" by cutting black felt in thick strips and cut out a square belt buckle and hot glue to your buckets.

Next, set up the game as shown above. Note: place the Santa Buckets about 6 - 8 inches apart to make this game challenging.

It is optional, but we used a white tablecloth under the game to show a "stand behind line" for kids. We have found kids are tempted to get closer to this game in their excitement to win!

Also, if you have different aged children playing, be sure to have an additional line about 1 1/2 - 2 feet further back for the older kids to make the game more fair for the little ones playing!

How to Play the Naughty or Nice Carnival Game:

Children are given 4 "lumps of coal" toys to toss into the Santa Themed Buckets.

They must start with the closest bucket first and try to get the coal to stay inside each bucket in order. If they miss a bucket, they can try for that bucket again as each bucket gets harder to hit!

Game Winnings Suggestions:

0-2 Lumps of Coal in the Buckets = Consolation Prize
3 Lumps of Coal in the Buckets = Medium Prize (for a kids classroom holiday game or small party, you can omit the medium prize for simplicity)
All 4 Lumps of Coal in the Buckets = Top Prize

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: This game is much harder than it looks...the uneven "lumps of coal" seem to have an unpredictable bounce and sometimes will land in the bucket at first, but bounce out right away which helps to make this game a challenge!