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Milk Jug Igloo Guess

Winter Carnival Booth Idea: Milk Jug Igloo!


The inside of the lifesize Milk Jug Igloo! 



A Fun Addition for Decoration for this Booth!


igloo-guess-winter-activity.jpgSupplies for Milk Jug Igloo:

bullet point Empty Plastic 1 GALLON 1 Milk Cartons about 450-500 (rinsed out -- KEEP THE LIDS)
bullet pont About 15 - 25 1/2 Gallon Milk Cartons (rinsed out -- KEEP THE LIDS)
bullet point High heat Hot Glue Guns and ADULT Volunteers
bullet point Dozens of high heat Hot Glue Sticks
bullet point String & Sharpie
bullet point Very large, flat cardboard (or refrigerator box - ask a local business to save one for you) 
bullet point Prize drawing supplies: Slips of Paper for names and phone numbers for the drawing pens to write, box to hold entries
bullet point A large prize* (maybe a donated $50 or $100 gift card) and a few other prizes as 2nd 3rd place winners!

*Or, you can offer a consolation prize for anyone who pays their tickets to guess three or more times!

Make this Milk Jug Igloo Decoration:

Months (or weeks if you are fast) before the event:

Ask kids, teachers, neighbors etc. to bring in their empty, clean and dry milk jugs. Kids can also bring in 1/2 Gallon Milk Jugs
It will be fun to finish this project at least 1 week before your fun kids event!

Note: You may wish to ask high school teachers if they have engineering students who would like to construct
your igloo. Or, a local builder may enjoy the challenge of this fun activity and love having you advertise that they donated the time to build this masterpiece!

Please see this Youtube video from a school who videoed the entire process - they did a great job and this video is very helpful!!  Click here to see the video! 

Guess the Milk Jugs Igloo Activity:

Kids pay 1 ticket for a chance to guess how many Milk Jugs are used to build the life sized igloo.

They can include their name and a phone number so you can call the winner. Generally, schools will have a public announcement within the last 30 minutes of their festival to draw winners. So you can have this booth close down the last 45 minutes of your event so your volunteers will have time to sort out and find the winner!

You can also add a mini dog house igloo or other cute mini structure just to make the guessing a little more difficult for those smart kids who check out information online to get an idea of how many milk jugs it takes to make this decoration!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: You can keep the Igloo after your carnival for a few weeks and, set it up in a central area of the school as a quiet reading spot or writing area for kids to enjoy!