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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing - Winter Festival Game Idea!


This is A Matching Game - See Details Below! 



We Choose Winter Themed Names to Match.



Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows fishing for magnetic fish with magnetic fishing line in a pool with penguins floating on foam icebergs.

Supplies for Ice Fishing Game:

bullet point 3 or more Fishing Poles (sold out - we are sorry)
bullet pont 12 or more Magnetic Fish (sold out - we are sorry)
bullet point Permanent Marker
bullet point 12 or more  and Foam Glue
bullet point Toddler Pool filled with a few inches of water*
bullet point Pitcher or water jug to fill a few inches of water in pool
bullet point Decorations and Buckets for Prizes
bullet point Consolation Prizes (we show some fantastic Holiday Prize Ideas below) and Top Prize for the winners

Game Setup:

Before your Winter Festival or carnival, make put together your Iceberg Crafts with Foam Glue (or adults can use waterproof glue) to help the iceberg craft to be more durable for the game.

Next, in order to add more challenge to this game, we make this game into a matching game. So each iceberg and fish will have a number or a name that the players will be trying to match.

We choose 4 different winter themed words to put on the fish and the icebergs to have kids match up.


Using a Permanent Marker, add one of the words above to the bottom of each fish or iceberg.

(Note: because the kids are smart, be sure to make sure the each fish has a different word on their fin, or the kids will memorize that all the red fish have "ICE" and they will be able to better make a match.

How to Play the Ice Fishing Game:

Players are given a Magnetic Fishing Pole and they go fishing for a fish.

Once they catch a fish, they see the word on the fin, and choose a floating iceberg and hope that the iceberg matches the word on the bottom of the fish.

For example, a child chooses a fish and the name on the word on the bottom is "ICE". Next, the child chooses an iceberg and the word on the bottom is "SNOW" they receive a consolation prize. 

No matches = a consolation prize
A Fish and an Iceberg with a Matching words = a top prize

Based on math, the set-up for this game gives each player about a 1 in 4 chance to win a top prize. So when choosing your prizes, you will need 3/4 consolation prizes and 1/4 winner prizes!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: For younger children, this is a super fun game and they will love that their chances of winning are the same as the older kids!

Don't be surprised if older children do not choose to play this game, it may see a little bit too simple or childish for kids in 4th or 5th grade. 

*Safety Note: If you use water for your game - have an adult present at all times and when finished, drain the pool of all water. Please follow the Consumer Products Safety Commission's Guidelines for any carnival game that has water. Click here to learn more!