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Gingerbread Golf

Christmas Carnival Game Idea - Gingerbread Golf!


Cut out the Door and build a frame to support.



Holiday Golf on a Wood Ramp for the second hole! 


(Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows a girl playing mini golf at a winter carnival.)

Supplies for Gingerbread Golf:

bullet point Gingerbread Stand Up 5 feet tall! (we sell it at the bottom of the page)
bullet pont 1 x 4 boards to make a frame to support the cardboard standup
bullet pont Wood boards, plywood, nails, and outdoor turf to cover boards and pvc pipes to keep balls on the greens
bullet pont Golf Putters - at least 2
bullet point 4 - 6 Plastic Golf Balls
bullet point Consolation and top carnival prizes

Make This Game:

This game will take a woodworking adult and supplies shown above. It is fun for children to have a few different holes as part of this game, and you can add other holiday stand ups as decorations as shown on the second hole image above.

Weeks before the carnival, have a woodworking adult construct the "golf greens" using building supplies and green outdoor turf and the pvc pipes. Also, take the Gingerbread Standup decoration and cut out a hole right at the doorway to add interest to this fun holiday game! (see the image above)  

Very important - the volunteer will need to make a wood frame to support the Gingerbread sand up so that the decoration is able to be attached to the golf green and not fall over or blow down with wind if the game is played outside!

Game Setup:

Before the Christmas Carnival, set out your golf hole(s) for the kids to play this game. If you have more than one golf hole, be sure to tell volunteers the flow of the game so children can start on one and more to the others.

How to Play the Gingerbread Golf Carnival Game:

Children are given a putter and a golf ball. They will be told how many puts they get to get a top prize!

Depending upon how difficult your game is set up - choose your prize levels.

For example, if a player takes 2 puts or less to sink the ball, they receive a top prize (this will be rare!) If a child takes 3 puts, they receive the medium prize. If it takes more than 3 puts to sink the ball they receive a consolation prize.

Additional Hints & Tips:

This game looks super cute and is sure to be a favorite at your Christmas Carnival! Because this do-it-yourself game is time consuming and will take some storage for next year, this may be a game that you choose if you have ample storage and have an ongoing annual event.

If this is your first Holiday Carnival, you may wish to start with some easier games that take less work and store in a small box like our brand new Trim a Tree Holiday Game and Ice Fishing which are both quick and easy!