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Nose Pick

Unique, DIY Carnival Game Idea – Nose Pick!


Slime Bucket or Toy Bucket for Each Nostril.



Green Slime Makes This Game Gross & Silly for Kids!


Supplies for The DIY Nose Pick Game:

bullet point Large Sheet of Plywood
bullet point 2 x 4 Lumber and 2 Hinges (for stand at the back of game)
bullet point Woodworking Tools - a way to cut 2 large holes (& sandpaper to smooth the edges)
bullet point Stuffing or Wire for 3D Nose
bullet point Paper Mache Supplies - and strips of newspaper to make nose
bullet point Acrylic- Paint
bullet point Homemade Green Slime (or purchased toy slime)
bullet point 2 Small/Medium Plastic Buckets (one for the slime, one for your carnival prizes)
bullet point Ticket Box & Game Sign 
bullet point A variety of carnival prizes all about the same value (a dozen or more top prizes - optional)

For Prizes - we suggest sticky small toys like sticky hands, glitter putty, lizards, snakes, bugs and anything gooey or gross! (see ideas below)

How to Make This Game:

Weeks before your carnival, gather supplies. Using a pencil, draw out the shape of your nose on the plywood - be sure to allow extra room in-between nostrils for the slime or prize bucket as shown above.

Next, cute two large holes in the plywood, one of the each nostril. Important: be sure to use sandpaper to make each hole very smooth as children will be reaching for items through the holes!

Using the 2 x 4 wood pieces and hinges, build a stand that will allow this game to be supported upright but allow for easy storage.

Next, use wither wire or crumpled paper bags to fashion a nose and make out of paper mache. Let dry completely. 

Finally, paint your Nose Pick Game and give him a fun look!

How to Play the Nose Pick Carnival Game:

Original Directions:

Before the carnival, have the green slime ready in the medium sized pail and have an assortment of small/medium prizes in another bucket.

All carnival players are asked to first stick their hand in the left nostril (when they stick their hand in, they are really sticking their hand into the green slime bucket the volunteer is holding up for them to feel)

Kids think this is great! Lots of eyewwws, and grosses are heard!!

Next, children stick their hand into the right nostril and pull out a prize. (Note: with the proper design,

Also, with the proper design of this booth, kids should NOT be able to see what prizes they are picking - basically they are just feeling around for a prize and then see what they get when they pull it out of the bucket.

(The volunteer is holding up the pail with the carnival prizes for the child to choose from - see picture above).

Top Prize Option Directions:

You will need at least 1 dozen top prizes to give out for this option. Also, we recommend choosing all small/medium prizes that are individually wrapped (see prize suggestions below.)

Before your carnival, set aside one small prize for every top prize you have. (So if you have 24 top prizes, set aside 24 small prizes)

Using a permanent marker, in bold letters write "Top Prize" on the plastic wrapping on the small prizes you have set aside.

Just like above, all carnival players are asked to first stick their hand in the left nostril (into the green slime bucket).

Next, they stick their hand into the right nostril and choose one prize. Whatever prize they choose they keep, but, if the prize they choose has the "Top Prize" writing on the plastic wrap, they win a top prize too!

Be sure to hold some top prize toys back so you don't run out of top prizes the first hour of your carnival!

If you display your top prizes, and it is something the kids really want, you will find they will get in line time and time again to see if they can win!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: This Homemade DIY Carnival Game is a favorite of kids and is sure to make Mom and Dad smile and say “yuck” all at the same time!

Originally, this game is more about the silliness and not about the prizes or making a profit. But, you can make this carnival game more exciting (and therefore, potentially a higher profit for your fundraising carnival) by having at least 12 top prizes that will be awarded as show in the Top Prize Option Directions.