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Treasure Dig

Carnival Game Idea - Treasure Dig!


Kids Love to See What They Could Win!



Boxes need a Small Rubber Band to stay closed!


Supplies for Treasure Dig:

bullet point Mini Treasure Box (one for each player) see below
bullet pont Mini rubber bands (one for each Treasure Box) to keep the treasure boxes closed 
bullet point Shallow container filled with Play Sand
bullet point Variety Small Carnival Prizes (about 80% - 85%) that will fit into the treasure boxes (see ideas below)
bullet point Top Prizes (about 15% - 20%) you can display on a table or hang for the kids to see!

Game Setup:

Before the carnival, count the number of top prizes and fill out one slip of paper for each top prize.

For example if you have 24 Plush Sea Animals and 24 Pirate Treasure Bubble Gum, then you fill out 12 slips of paper that say "You Won a Top Prize - Sea Animal!" and 24 slips of paper that say " Winner of Gold Nugget Bubble Gum!", to fill in the mini Treasure Chests.

Fill each Treasure Chest with a prize or a slip of paper and place a rubber band over the top to keep the treasure box from opening in the sand. Note: sometimes you will fill the box with a prize and a slip of paper for one of the top prizes (just to mix it up a bit so carnival players cannot shake the treasure boxes and guess their prize!).

How to Play the Treasure Dig Game:

This is an easy carnival game for your next big event. Carnival players dig in the sand and pick their favorite treasure box and open to reveal their prize. Most kids really like to keep the treasure box, but, you can ask that they return the box for next year’s carnival and just keep the prize that is inside.

Additional Hints & Tips:

NOTE: Many times we see Treasure Dig Booths were children dig in the sand for toys that scattered in the sand!! THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED!!

First, there is no challenge for the child - if the child does not like the toy - they just toss it back and keep digging.

Second, the toys are covered in sand and appear dusty/dirty -- not the best way to pass out prizes at your carnival! Use a treasure box to hide the prize and if a prize does not fit, place a slip of paper stating what they have won -- kids will keep coming back for more!

Safety: Young children like to play this game - have some toddler safe toys or small packages of toddler cookies and ask the parent if they would prefer the preschool toy. You can simply tell the child that their treasure box is "special" and look at their cool prize!


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