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Penny Pitch

Spring Carnival Game Idea - Penny Pitch!


DIY painted ceramic flowers for game!



Don't' forget to "Show Off" your carnival prizes!


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows mini flower plates arranged on a table with a penny being tossed into them.

Supplies for Penny Pitch Carnival Game:

bullet point 24 or more small plates for flat bowls 
bullet pont Paint to add color (if unfinished)
bullet point 50 or more pennies
bullet point Table with tablecloth covering or imitation grass
bullet point Stand Behind Lines
bullet point Small Pail for Pennies
bullet point Ticket Box and Game Sign
bullet point Consolation, Medium and Top Prizes  

Make This Game:

Days before your carnival, paint your flower shaped bowls/plates to make them colorful! This is a great activity for kids too - so be sure to include them in this part of your planning.

Choose about 3 flowers and make them unique - they will be your winning flowers. We choose to make them rainbow colored petals with a white center to help them stand out!

Allow a full day to dry before your carnival.

Note: If you are tight on time and need a last minute game, simply go to your local resale shop and purchase an assortment of plates, saucers and flat bowls to use for this game! Be sure to designate which bowls/plates or the "winning" ones. You may wish to choose about 3 "winning dishes" if you have 24 different plates. 

Game Setup:

Set up your table with a tablecloth (or imitation grass) and place your bowls or plates on the table about 1 inch apart if you want a little more challenge!

Set up some type of stand behind lines and have a small bucket of pennies.

How to Play the Penny Pitch Carnival Game:

Players are given 3 pennies with a chance to land one of the pennies on the "winning" plates/bowls!

The pennies seem to bounce, so this is another carnival game that looks easier than it is!

Generally prizes are passed out as follows:

0 Pennies stay on any plate = consolation prize
1 or more Pennies land on any plate = Medium Prize
1 or more Pennies land on "winning" plate = Top Prize

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: If played over grass, the pennies seem to disappear in the grass, so you may wish to place a tablecloth under the table to make the pennies easier to find!

Of course, please test out this game after you have it set up to determine how close players will stand to your table.