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Snowflake Sand Art Necklaces (24 total necklaces in 2 bags) 52¢ each

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Mini Snowflake Shaped Sand Art Necklaces for Kids


Add these cute Snowflake Necklaces to your winter sand art table! Sand art is fun indoor activity when the weather is too cold or wet to play outdoors! These small sand art bottle necklaces hold only about 1 ounce of sand and fill pretty fast, so have plenty on hand if kids want to do this activity again! We love that you will have 2 plastic funnels with this set!
1-ruler-size.jpgSnowflake is 2" on a 26" cord.

1-scale-icon.png  Each snowflake shaped bottle holds about 1 ounce of sand. This set needs at least 24 ounces of colored play sand. 

Note: This necklace tangles easily in a treasure box, bin or basket. We recommend when you remove these necklaces from the package, lay them flat on a table or hang them up to prevent tangling.

Of course, the craft sand is sold separately! Click to see our set of craft sand that includes white for this fun craft!



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