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Snail on the Trail

COVID Safe Activity: Snail on the Trail


Like an "i Spy" Game with Toy Animals



See A Snail? Pause & Find the Hidden Animals!



Supplies for Snail on the Trail COVID Safe Activity:

bullet point 12 Snails - for your "Snail Stops"
bullet point 12 Signs with Numbers 1 - 12 (FREE Print Game Card - Click Here)
bullet point 12 Different Toy Animals - 1 dozen of each one
bullet point 12 Buckets or Pails for organizing each "Snail Stop" (optional)
bullet point 12 - 24 Pinwheels to help mark the way or to add "Fun Facts" in between stops (optional)
bullet point Sidewalk Chalk or Blue Painters Tape (if indoors) for adding arrows to lead the way to the next Snail Stop
bullet point Paper Weight size rocks or thick, short branches for securing lightweight animals/critters, if outdoors
bullet point Hot Glue (or other glue) to secure some animals to rocks or sticks for outdoors
bullet point Small Bungee Cords for securing animals to trees and branches outside
bullet point Volunteer table at the starting point with volunteers to oversee the game
bullet point Checklist printed on cardstock and extra pencils/pens for players to check off critters they find during the game 
bullet point Printable Checklist (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE) for players to "check off animals they find at each stop
bullet point Pennant Banner to mark the beginning or ending of the trail

NOTE: You will need a long path/walkway/or indoor hallways to play this game. Examples are a sidewalk around the outside of a business, school or church, a neighborhood trail, a running track or soccer field at a school, or an indoor hallway at a senior living center.

If indoors - We suggest that you bring in fake plants or other greenery (borrowed from volunteers or bought at a garage sale/resale shop) to add in the hallways to give your animals some great hiding places!

SAFETY FIRST - We suggest at least 25 feet in between each "Snail Stop". This will to ensure families and "friend bubbles" have plenty of room and they do not "spill the beans" regarding the hiding places of the animals.

Prepare for This COVID-Safe Game:

Before your event, walk your track, trail, sidewalk or inside hallways and determine how many "Snail Stops" you will have.
We recommend about 10 - 12 after setting up this game with 7 stops the kids were wanting to play it again immediately after they were done!

After you have your location and date figured out, your next step is to gather all supplies needed for your game.
This includes 1 Snail for each "Snail Stop" and 12 or so critters you will be hiding at each station.
We used colorful buckets to organize our critters for each Snail Stop to make it easier to set up once we arrived at our location. 
(Remember, the animals need to match your checklist for the game)

You will also want to print out and display the rules - to make sure everyone knows not to touch the animals! Click here to download ours for free. 

Tips for Safely Inviting Guests:

Our suggestion is to have a "come-and-go" or "open house" type event to prevent families from waiting in long line.

One of the best ways to organize this is to use a FREE online calendar - we recommend which will easily allow you to schedule 2 - 3 families at each 15 minute time slot!
Click here to visit and set up your Free Account! 

Also, you may link to our Snail on the Trail Game Sheet Checklist for everyone to download from their computers, or you can make your own and pass out as families arrive.

Activity Setup:

Print out your 1 - 12 Snail Stop Papers on cardstock and laminate to protect from the weather.
Also, attach your lightweight animals to a clean rock or a small thick, stick to prevent them from blowing away.
For those purchasing our Snail on the Trail™ Game Kit, make your large butterflies using superhero gliders and hot glue and be sure to affix to something with weight so they do not blow away.
Next, divide our your creatures in groupings of 12 for each "Snail Stop" and ensure that your checklist matches your Snail Stop Game Sheet. 

Set up each Snail Stop (this will go faster if you have for example, three groups who are hiding animals at 4 Snail Stops.)
Next, add your colorful hanging flags to mark the start - and possibly the finish line too! 
Chalk arrows (or flour dusted on a crushed rock path) to guide the way is super helpful.
Finally, have a few volunteers at a table with extra Game Sheets and pencils in case families left these items at home.

Optional: Give the kids a little something when they finish the game! It could be animal-themed washable tattoo, (More than 200 are included as a FREE GIFT in our Snail on the Trail™ Game Set below), a plastic magnifying glass with a toy lizard, or a small treat bag with bug themed items!

How to Play the Snail on the Trail™Game:

Families and friend bubbles (about 2 - 8 in size) meet up at the starting location of the game with Snail on the Trail™ Game Sheet and a pencil. They begin to walk on the pathway to find their first Snail Stop. Once they locate their first Snail Stop, they try to find all the pre-hidden animals hidden within about 20 feet of the snail.
Once they find all the critters, they follow the arrows and look for the next Snail on the Trail!

The game continues until they reach the last Snail Stop with a finish flag to signify the end.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Worried about stuffed animals in the rain? Don't be - here is why... The animals are simply for the game - not to give to kids.
Months ago we affixed stuffed animals to rocks and small thick sticks and set them outside for 2 weeks. It rained for several days. 
Great news - once the animals completely dried out, you could hardly tell there were soaking wet a few days prior.