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School Store


Carnival Booth Idea - School Trading Post or School Store


Carnival Booth Supplies:
LongTable(s) for Displaying Items for Sale Poster Board with an example item and the cost of each item (optional) Many “dollar store” items to sell to kids

Tips for Operating a Successful Store:

  • Have prices (amount of tickets) clearly marked on items
  • Know how every item operates, works, rolls, lights, etc.. to show your customers how cool the items are
  • Record list of all items sold so you’ll know what to stock next year – what was popular and what wasn’t

Don’t miss out on this booth!  The School Store is one of the best money makers and most popular booths at school carnivals!This booth is basically a “dollar store” with the school making the profit!  One big difference is that you sell items for tickets – have a variety of items at prices of 1 ticket up to 8 tickets.  The best sellers seem to be the types of items your kids love at the dollar store – fun small toys and unique candies. For example, one school in our district purchases oodles of invisible ink – they sell out every year and make hundreds of dollars just on that one item. 

School Store Booth Top Sellers!

dissapearing-ink.jpg giant-pixie-sticks-box.jpg galaxy-slime-toy.jpg toy-twirling-baton.jpg toy-grabber.jpg
Dissapearing Ink Giant Pixy Stix Candy Galaxy Slime Toy Twirling Baton Toy Grabber Toy