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Rock Monster

Unique Carnival Game Idea – Rock Monster!


Easy Supplies - Plywood, Paint and Hinges.



Young children seem to love this game!


Supplies for Rock Monster Game:

bullet point Handmade Rock Monster *see instructions below
bullet pont a small basket for the ordinary rocks
bullet point Plain, ordinary rocks – enough for each carnival player
bullet point Variety of rock themed prizes like shiny rocks, rock toys, or inexpensive, plastic crystals – enough for each player as a prize
bullet point Stand Behind Lines -  Sidewalk Chalk, Spray Paint (for grass), or Masking Tape (best used indoors) or Cones
bullet point Carnival prizes - consolation and winners prize

Make This Game:

This “heavy” Carnival Game is made using three large pieces of plywood attached together with large hinges and set up in a "U- shape" with a volunteer in the middle of the Rock Monster Game.

Of course, this carnival game is decorated to look like a friendly monster. The constructed Rock Monster has 2 holes one where the children put in a plain rock and one "drawer type" for his tooth that delivers the prize.

Game Set Up:

Once this game is made, setup is quick! Simply set up this game, put out a basket of ordinary rocks, and be ready for the kids to have fun!

How to Play the Rock Monster Carnival Game:

All carnival players are given an ordinary rock to put in the mouth of the Rock Monster Carnival Booth. Once inside the monster, the carnival volunteer makes a silly rumbling noise for a few seconds and then sends out a beautiful shiny rock, rock toy or small toy for the child to see their prize.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Amazingly, kids love this silly carnival game. Children love shiny rocks and so this unique carnival game is a real hit with kids – especially ages 3 through about 10.

The Rock Monster Carnival Game was designed by a volunteer at an elementary school in Texas and is shared to surrounding schools for their carnivals too!
See This Unique Game in Action -- Click to See our 2 Minute Video Showing Rock Monster Carnival Booth!

Note: On breezy days, be sure to secure this game as a gust of wind can move this heavy game.