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Pumpkin Patch Walk

Fall Festival Activity Idea: Pumpkin Patch Walk!


Add Numbers Using Markers to the Pumpkins.



When the Music Stops, Choose a Winning Number!


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows pumpkin cutouts placed on the ground in a circle and kids are walking on them.

Supplies for Pumpkin Patch Walk:

bullet point Pumpkin Cut Outs - see below (laminated or covered with clear packing tape to protect from ripping)
bullet point Sharpie for adding numbers
bullet point Tables with tablecloths to hold cakes, cookies and other treats
bullet point A way to play music outside - cell phone with external speakers, for example
bullet point Room to place numbers on the floor (8 - 12) in a circle shape
bullet point For Outside Carnival Booths use duct tape on a clean sidewalk for best sticking  
bullet point For Inside Carnival Booths - Use clear packing tape (or blue painters tape to protect flooring)
bullet point Numbers to choose winner*
bullet point Labels to stick on winners' goodies 
bullet point Baked Goods: Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes and Cookies
bullet point Consolation Prizes - (optional) It is a good idea to provide a small piece of candy for those who do not win one of the awesome cakes!

*You can use a Spinner (sold below) or bucket with "ping pong balls" with numbers added to match the numbers in corresponding numbers to be drawn Homemade Cakes, Cookies & Treats

Game Setup:

Before your fall festival, mark the pumpkins with numbers with your thick, black permeant marker.

Next, either laminate (or protect with clear packing tape) each pumpkin so they are not accidentally torn durning this walking in the game. 

Generally your "cake table" will be located close to the booth, but if you are playing the game outside, be sure to move your desserts inside to prevent the melting frosting and to keep the baked goods fresh.

How to Play the Pumpkin Patch Walk Carnival Game:

This game is basically just like a Cake Walk Game - just with a fall theme.

Set a minimum number of players to play. For example, if you have 10 numbers on the ground, you may decide at least 7 players needed per game. Players stand on one of the pumpkin shaped floor numbers.

Players pay tickets for a chance to win their choice of a baked good from your dessert table(s). 

Once a player gives their ticket, they go and choose a pumpkin to stand on until the game is filled.

Next, the volunteer plays the music and participants walk around the circle on the pumpkins with numbers.

When the music stops, so do the players and each player finds the pumpkin closest to them and stands on that pumpkin for the drawing. The carnival booth volunteer then spins the spinner (or draws out a number from the bowl) to see who wins! If a number is spun or drawn and that number is not occupies, the volunteer can draw another number until they find a winner.

The carnival player whose number is drawn wins a packaged goodie and receives a label to write their name on reserve a dessert! Once a dessert is won, it can be moved to a "WINNERS" table with the label to prevent from lugging a cake around the rest of the fall festival. Winners simply pick up their treats immediately before they leave.  

All other players receive a consolation prize.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: for larger events (350 + visitors) consider having 2 pumpkin patch walk games side by side! You would have 2 circles of pumpkins with numbers and spin or draw one number and have 1 winner from each pumpkin patch!

Baked goods can be expensive, so we recommend requesting help from others such as asking each family to bring a cake, or talking to local bakeries or grocery stores ahead of time to see if they will donate day-old cakes or any extras they can spare the day of your fall festival.