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Bean Bag Toss


Carnival Game Idea: Bean Bag Toss

Supplies Needed for Carnival Game – Bean Bag Toss:
Bean Bags to Toss Bean Bag Toss Game (shown above)
If Outside-
1. Stakes to secure the bottom of the game from breezes. NOTE: THIS GAME IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR A WINDY DAY - use indoors instead!
2. clothes pins to attach the Bean Bag Toss to a low hanging branch or other framework to allow for secure hanging of the game
3. Sidewalk Chalk, Spray Paint or Small Lenths of Rope cut to make lines for children to stand behind

If Inside 

1. Duct Tape or Push Pins to attach over a doorway 2. Masking Tape to make lines for children to stand behind 
Also, don't forget the Top, Medium and Consolation Carnival Prizes

How to Play:    Before the carnival, test the bean bags and the stand for difficulty and place “stand behind” lines for different age children using sidewalk chalk or tape. Children are given three bean bags to toss per game. Depending on the setup of the stand, they win prizes based upon how many bean bags make it through the bean bag stand. Of course, everyone at least wins a consolation prize. Note: This is a traditional carnival game. You can make this game match your carnival theme every year if you have dedicated volunteers who are creative and wish to design a Bean Bag Toss Game out of plywood that is painted into a shape and designed with a secure stand!

A few years ago, our school borrowed a large monkey bean bag toss from another school to go with our Zoofari Themed Carnival. (We bought fake bananas to toss through the holes insead of bean bags - the kids loved it!) Talk to other schools in your area and share carnival booth props with each other, that way everybody wins!!  

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Bean Bag Toss Game to Buy Smarties Candies Laser Cut Stickers Crazy Spin Tops Bright Pinwheels