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Witches Brew

Halloween Carnival Game Idea - Witches Brew Carnival Game!


Easy Setup and Fun for Kids - a Great Halloween Game!



Kids Toss Stuffed Frogs or Bat Toys into Kettles.


Supplies for Witches Brew Game:

bullet point 6 Medium Sized Witches Cauldrons or Black Kettles (see items below)
bullet pont 6 Stuffed Animal Frogs (or Toy Bats) for tossing (you may wish to have some extras as prizes)
bullet point Plastic Cones or chalk to mark "stand behind lines"
bullet point Orange, Purple or Green material (optional)
bullet point Carnival Prizes - 4 - 6 different prizes of graduated value - Halloween themed prizes or fall prizes are great fun!

Game Setup:

Before your event, place the witch cauldrons in a line about 6 inches apart.

Also, set up your stand behind line about a foot away from your first cauldron.

How to Play the Witches Brew Carnival Game: 

Players are given 6 stuffed frogs to toss into the witches cauldrons.

The players try to toss a frog into the "witches brew" in order - starting with the closest to the farthest.

Once a frog is in the "witches brew" they move to the next pot.

There are two primary ways to have this game played for prizes.

1. Players can win prizes based on the amount of total number of frogs or bats that land in the cauldrons 

How Players Win a Prize:

0 - 1 Frogs into the brew = Consolation Prize
2 - 3 Frogs into the brew = Middle Prize
4 - 5 Frogs into the brew = Middle Prize
All 6 Frogs into the brew = Top Prize

2. Players can win prizes for each cauldron that has a frog or bat. 

Each Black Kettle is coordinated to a prize, and kids win a prize for each kettle. Sometimes kids want the top prize - so they use all their frogs or bats to try to get them into the last cauldron. So keep that in mind. Generally, the prizes start as consolation and then move up to the top prize for the last black kettle.

For Example:

Cauldron #1 - Halloween Friendship Bracelet
Cauldron #2 - Pumpkin Bubble Gum
Cauldron #3 - Glow in the Dark Martian Finger Tip
Cauldron #4 - Mini Plastic Snake
Cauldron #4 - Halloween Walk Walker
Cauldron #6 - Mini Stuffed Animal Black Cat

Keep in mind that if you set up your game using this method, you will generally need many prizes for Kettles one two and three as these are won for most players. When purchasing prizes, make sure at least kettles #1 and #2 have consolation prizes so you do not loose money on this booth.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Tip: For larger Halloween parties and Halloween Carnivals -- run two games at the same time!

Also -- Use the extra Medium Sized Witches Cauldrons as Prize Buckets for this and other carnival games too!


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