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Ping Pong Pumpkin

DIY Halloween Carnival Game Idea - Ping Pong Pumpkin!


Battery Tea-Lights And Underwater Lights Look Great!



Decorate Your Own Cups for a DIY Halloween Game!


 (Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows halloween plastic cups bunched together on a table and someone tossing a ping pong ball into one.)


Supplies for Ping Pong Pumpkin - 2019 Updates!:

bullet point 12- 24 Orange Jack-o-Lantern Plastic Cups
bullet point 20+ White Ghost Cups (and extra cups for holding the Ping Pong Balls)
bullet point 12 BATTERY OPERATED Tea Lights (Safety Note: Do NOT use ordinary candles!)
bullet point 12 - 24 White Underwater LED Lights (for ghost cups) 
bullet point 12+ Table Tennis Balls (Ping Pong Balls)
bullet point Black tablecloth or other table decorations 
bullet point Tablecloth Clips - if used outdoors
bullet point Packing tape to tape cups in place
bullet point Water jug to fill ghost cups with water
bullet point Stand behind lines or (colorful cones, sidewalk chalk, Pool Noodles etc.)
bullet point Game Prizes - Halloween themed prizes are great fun
bullet point Ticket Box and Game Sign

Game Setup:

Before the carnival, set up your table with the Halloween themed decorations and cups.

We updated this game to add LED underwater lights to the ghost cups. Adding water to the cups helps them to stay in place and you will only need to tape down the jack o lantern cups with the battery powered tea lights which of course cannot be filled with water! 

Note: The pumpkin/ghost cups should be about 1-2 inches apart on the table to keep this fall game challenging!

Next, using packing tape, be sure to secure each pumpkin cup on the bottom to the table - you don't want your cups tipping over during the game.

Add water to the ghost cups and drop in your underwater lights into about half the ghost cups for a great look!

Finally, turn on the Battery Operated Tea Lights and add into only about half of the pumpkin cups.

How to Play the Ping Pong Pumpkin Carnival Game:

Children are given 3 Table Tennis Balls (Ping Pong Balls) - to make it easy you can place the balls into a ghost cup to hand each carnival player!

The object of the game is to toss a ball into a LIGHTED PUMPKIN CUP.

If the game players don't make one of their three balls into a lighted pumpkin, they receive a consolation prize.

But, If one of their Ping Pong Balls lands into a Ghost Cup, that does not have a light, they lose their turn (no more throws even if they have not tossed all their ping pong balls) but still get a consolation prize!

This is a fun Halloween game to have in a slightly darkened room or outdoors at dusk so the pumpkin cups that are lighted show up! If this game is outdoors, be sure to have some additional lights.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: this entire game can be a DIY homemade game!! Simply purchase orange and white cups and use a permanent marker to make the pumpkin and ghost faces on the cups. Don't forget your battery operated tea lights and new for 2019 the underwater white LED lights for a unique and eye-catching Halloween Game!!