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College Game Scores



Fall Carnival Booth Idea – College Game Scores

Carnival Booth Supplies – College Game Scores:
Large Board and College Pennants to represent the playing teams
Numbers that can be changed to match the scores of the teams
Smart Phones or a Computer with up-to-date access to college scores
Football shirts and helmets (optional)
Dad Volunteers to update the score board

How to Set Up the College Game Score Booth:
Well, some men have trouble leaving home on a Saturday afternoon wondering how their favorite college teams are doing during while they are out with their family enjoying a fall festival -- this booth idea is especially for them!!

Instead of checking their phones for the updates and trying to hide it -- let sports fans see how all the college teams are doing all in one spot!

Football fans can be kept up-to-date about the latest college scores and still enjoy a fun day with the family if you provide this festival booth at your next carnival!

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