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Best Carnival Games - 17 Top Games

  • easy-2-liter-ring-toss-game.jpg

    Almost FREE!

    Kids Love It!

    Hard to believe - but kids stand in long lines to try to ring a soda! Add this 2 Liter Ring Toss to your Carnival!

  • lollipop-tree-game-to-buy-fav.jpg


    Lollipop Tree!

    Fast & Easy - Simply buy a Cardboard Lollipop Tree and fill it with up to 400 pops! See hints & tips on setting up this game!

  • butterfly-balloon-burst-diy-game.jpg


    No Darts Needed!

    Learn how to make our original Butterfly Balloon Burst Carnival Game to pop balloons WITHOUT darts!

  • dinosaur-dig-carnival-game-from-carnival-savers.jpg

    Dino Dig

    Young Kids

    Check out this fun game that uses a Toddler Pool & Play Sand & Dino Eggs. Click here to learn more!

  • rocket-blast-homemade-carnival-game.jpg

    Blast Off

    DIY Rocket Blast

    Add the Rocket Blast Game as one of your games for carnival - a few supplies and great for inside or out! 

  • unique-carnival-game-toilet-paper-toss.jpg

    DIY Toss

    Toilet Paper Toss

    Always a favorite with kids - make this game and add some fun prizes like tootsie rolls, snakes & more! :)

  • diy-dart-balloons-game.jpg


    DIY Carnival Game!

    This traditional game is great fun but don't make these safety mistakes! Click to learn more!

  • leap-frog-carnival-game-by-carnival-savers.jpg

    Leap Frog

    DIY Game

    Kids love to hit the board and watch the frog leap to his lily pad1 Add this Leap Frog Game to your School's Spring Carnival!

  • go-fishing-magnetic-carnival-game-by-carnival-savers.jpg


    Go Fishing

    EASY as Pie - Magnetic fishing rods that attract colorful floating fish - choose the Fishing Hole Game!

  • duck-pond-traditional-carnival-game.jpg


    Traditional Game

    Change up your Duck Pond a bit and make it a Matching Ducks Game - the kids are sure to love the challenge!

  • pick-a-door-unique-game.jpg

    Pick a Door

    Lots of Laughs!

    This game is a HOOT for players AND Volunteers! Click here to see what kids get when they Pick-a-Door!

  • spring-game-idea-caterpillar.jpg

    EASY Game

    Crazy Caterpillar

    Brand new for 2017! This DIY Spring game takes minutes to put together and the kids are going to love it! 

  • penny-pitch-diy-spring-carnival-game-for-kids.jpg

    Penny Pitch

    DIY Spring Game

    Tossing Pennies has never been more fun! See how to setup and play this fun spring game!

  • fish-bowl-carnival-game-by-carnival-savers.jpg

    Fish Bowl

    Looks Easy

    This traditional game looks super easy, but is a challenge for all ages! Click to learn more!

  • nose-pick-unique-kids-carnival-game.jpg

    Nose Pick

    Gross But Fun

    Silly DIY game uses green slime and prizes for kids who knows what they will get! See how to make this unique game!

  • pig-races-new-school-carnival-game.jpg

    Pig Races

    Watch Them Go!

    Use plastic piggy banks, skateboards and a slanted board for this fun game - see all the details

  • rain-gutter-boat-races-diy-carnival-game-idea.jpg

    Boat Races

    DIY Game

    Grab some plastic rain gutters and some floating sail boats and straws and let the kids have a blast with this fun water game

  • sand-art-carnival-activity-by-carnival-savers.jpg

    Sand Art

    Springtime Fun! 

    Sandart is great fun for kids - and is a fantastic carnival activity indoors and out! Click to see details & supplies!