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Moonwalk or Slides

Carnival Activity Idea - Moonwalk or Big Slide!


Young Girl Having Fun in a Bounce House!



Giant Slides are Fantastic Family Fun!



Choosing The Best Moonwalk or Big Slide Company to Come to Your Event:

Questions to Ask When Calling A Moonwalk, Super Slice or Bounce House Company:

bullet point Date(s) Available and Cost

bullet point Insurance Verification  Double check and ask the company for proof of current insurance. It is good policy to call the insurance company directly and verify that the insurance is in good standing and up to date.

bullet point Check references - it never hurts!

bullet point Inclement Weather Policy

1. For many rented inflatables, if the weather is really windy, rainy or worse, they can move the inflatables inside a large school or church gym. 

2. If they have an item that does not fit inside a large indoor recreational area what is their policy? Do they offer a full refund, or partial refund or do they offer to reschedule within a specific time-frame and bring out the inflatables on a day where you can still offer this fun for the kids? Knowing this can help you decide which company will be best for your event. 

bullet point Location on Your Property 

How much room do they need? Do they need to come out to survey your school or church property and make a recommendation for inflatable placement?

Note: In most cases, it seems to work best to group all the inflatables in one area

That way, the kids kick off their shoes and enjoy a wide variety slides, bounce houses and obstacle courses in one central location. As a bonus - it also looks great to have them grouped together - big brightly colored inflatable draw attention to your carnival too!

bullet point Will they need Volunteers or do they send a staff to "man the inflatables"?

Setup for the Moonwalk or Giant Slide Booth:

Because most companies do not offer an attendant, you will need to have volunteers there to oversee children – limit the number jumping at one time – or have the children go single file up the slide.

Additional thoughts to consider...

If a company has something totally different from the usual inflatables, it might be worth the additional price. For example, one neighboring school had an inflatable laser tag game. This cost more than the typical moonwalk, but it seemed to be the hit of the carnival! 

How to Run the Moonwalk, Bounce House or Giant Slide Booth:

Generally fundraising carnivals charge .50 cents - $1.00 for typical moonwalks & slides. For something really cool like laser tag – you could charge 2-3 dollars to get in.

Be sure to shop around for price. Also, don’t forget to ask for discounts – you never know unless you ask :)

Also, it is a great idea to ask local businesses if they will donate to your Moonwalks / Giant Slides Fun Area for your non-profit carnival fundraiser. Of course, you will list them as a supporter on a signage and/or on your school website and more!

We have seen some excellent Bounce House Setups that include several different outdoor activities including assorted bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses. When you have many of these fun activities, you may wish to consider offering unlimited turns if children has a purchased wristband.


Additional Hints & Tips:

Notes: Of course, the "Bounce Houses" seem to attract children who are younger in age, like toddlers, preschoolers up through about 4th grade. Keep that in-mind when choosing the types of inflatables at your event. For older kids and teens, they love the obstacle courses, laser tag and other more unique inflatables. Most carnivals will have a variety of children of different ages, so you may wish to have several different types of inflatables - something for all ages - at your school or church carnival.

We have found that this this can be a fantastic addition to your event if this is done correctly with a few different types of inflatables for different aged children!