Jack-O-Lantern Mini Flashlights (24 total flashlights in 2 bags) 78¢ each

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Cute and fun - these Halloween Flashlights with Jack-O-Lantern designs make a great prize for your Halloween party! They come on a nylon necklace string so they will always be handy! They require AA Batteries (not included) so be sure to buy your batteries!  Keep these small flashlights in your online shopping cart so they don't get lost!

To Be Completely Honest: These mini flashlights are fun for kids but DO NOT shine a very bright light! These are best used as a toy or inside the house for fun, not for safety on a dark night!
1-ruler-size.jpgFlashlights are 4" on 30" cord. 


0w.png Warning for California Residents


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