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Glowing Ghost

DIY Halloween Game Idea: Glowing Ghost!


Tape Mini Bright Lights on the Back Handle of Each Jug.



So Fun for an Evening Halloween Game!


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows a row of gallon milk jugs with ghost faces drawn on and a hoops being tossed over them.

Supplies for Glowing Ghost:

bullet point 4 Empty Milk Cartons (Rinsed and cleaned with labels removed)
bullet point Black Permanent Marker
bullet point Bright Glowing Mini Battery Operated Lights (see below)
bullet point Clear Packing Tape
bullet point Large Plastic Rings
bullet point Ticket Box & Game Sign
bullet point Stand Behind Lines (we used cones but you can use sidewalk chalk or if indoors masking tape)
bullet point Black Decoration for under ghosts (optional)
bullet point Consolation Prizes and Top Prizes for the winners

Make This Game:

Before the carnival, wash out your milk jugs, remove the labels and and give each "ghost" a different personality.
(For younger players -- keep the faces fun and friendly as shown above!) 

Next, choosing just the white lights, secure one light behind each jug (attaching to the bottom of the handle and facing the light to the inside of the milk jug) using the packing tape.
Now you have glowing ghosts and they are ready for your kids Halloween game!!

Game Setup:

Before your event, fill up your jugs with water (this prevents them from tipping over when the hula hoops are tossed or on a breezy evening.)
Note: lids are not necessary

Next, place your Glowing Ghosts in a line allowing about 1 1/2 - 2  feet inbetween each ghost.

Finally, set up your "stand behind" line(s). Remember, younger players should be able to stand closer to the first ghost to "even the playing field".

In setting up your game, make sure the ghosts are far enough apart so that the hula hoops can go around each one - so leave about 1 1/2 feet in between each ghost! 

How to Play the Glowing Ghost Carnival Game:

Players are given 4 small hula hoops with a chance to hoop each ghost in order - starting with the closest ghost!

If they miss the first ghost, they need to "catch" the first ghost first before trying for the others!

If players "catch" all for ghosts in order, they receive a top prize.
If they "catch" 2 or 3 ghosts they receive a middle prize.
For one or less ghosts, they receive a consolation prize.

This game looks fabulous at dusk or darker as the mini lights are bright and make the ghosts appear white and glowing! Be sure to have other lights around if your Halloween party is at night, so the children do not trip.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: Use lights that are a true "white" or the ghosts will look yellow!