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BOO-Loon Pop

Our Brand New "DART-LESS" Halloween Carnival Game Idea!


Unique Halloween Game Idea - DIY BOO-Loon Pop

Supplies for This Fun Halloween Game - BOO-Loon Pop:
1 Large Piece of 1/2 inch thick Plywood 
White and Black Acrylic Paint 
12 or more  bean bags 
50 Medium Sized Clothespins 
50 - 1 inch, thin nails for attaching the Clothespins
25 - 50 Tacks (roughed up with sand paper)
Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks (for adults to use)
250 or more White Balloons
50 or more Black Balloons
Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
Stand Behind Lines or Traffic Cones
Bungee Cords for Securing Board 
White lights in a string for Ghost outline at dusk or dark - optional
Consolation Prizes - Halloween Prizes are Great FUN and Top Prizes for the winners

DIY Instructions for this DIY Halloween Game:

Many days before your carnival draw out a shape of a ghost on your plywood and paint your plywood with black and white paint.

After the paint drys, have an adult attach the medium sized clothespins to the board. Note: each clothespin needs to be attached using the thin nail and to attach on its side (see image below) about 8 inches apart.


Note: Our first try was using hooks for the balloons but the wind blew them off the board. Next, we tried hot glue and clothespins - but sometimes when a players tossed bean bags, they hit a clothespin and a balloon flew off! By attaching the clothespins on their side using a nail it eliminates the problem! 



For the balloons to pop when kids throw a bean bag, you will need to have a tack hot glued to the board. The best placement we found was to put the tacks about 4 - 5 inches below the bottom of each clothespin using hot glue. We found if the tack is "dead center" under the balloon, the balloons may be too easy to pop! You can also make some of the tacs "off center" by about 2 inches, to make this game a little bit more difficult!

How to Play

Players are given 3 Bean Bags for a chance to pop a balloon (or more) to win a top prize.

0 balloons popped = a consolation prize
1 balloon popped = a medium prize
2 or more balloons popped = a top prize
Please test this game a few dozen throws to make sure it is not too easy or too hard! Generally you want for 1 in 10 kids to win a top prize. So... when giving 3 chances for each player that is 30 bean bag tosses to pop a ballon! If the game is too easy, require that they pop 2 balloon instead of just 1 to win a top prize!
Kids line up in droves to play this fun alternative dart balloon game!

Note: For younger children, you may wish to give them 4 bean bags or let them stand 2 - 3 feet closer to the board so they have a chance to win at this game too!

Lets Keep All Children Safe! Follow the guideline of the Consumer Product Safety Commission with regards to balloons and young children. Click here to download this child balloon safety pdf.

Allergy Information: People who have severe latex allergies can have a reaction to bursting balloons. For schools, it may be wise to talk with administrators to verify all child allergies first. Also, consider changing this game to the "Ghost Bean Bag Toss." Cut holes out for the eyes and mouth for the tossing bean bags.

Haloween Prizes and Supplies for the BOO-Loon Pop Game!

small-white-balloons-bulk-sm.jpg   halloween-fun-bands.jpg
White Balloons Halloween Fun Bands
 medium-sized-clothespins-sm.jpg  ghosts-shaped-candy-packages-sm.jpg
Medium Clothepins Ghost Candy Rings


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