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Free Halloween Game Ideas

Click to See More Games Below - Perfect for Kids, Teens and Adults!

  • boo-loon-pop-halloween-game-new.jpg


    BOO-Loon Pop!

    See all the step-by-step details to make this safer Halloween Game and how to play!

  • halloween-disc-drop-to-buy.jpg

    Disc Drop

    Game to Buy!

    This is a quick game that is great for smaller events! Even older kids love this Halloween Game!

  • ping-pong-ball-pumpkin-game.jpg


    Ping Pong Pumpkin...

    This Halloween has been a favorite and looks great at night!! Click to see all the details here!

  • jumping-spider-new-fall-game.jpg

    DIY Game

    Jumping Spiders

    Watch kids try their luck at getting a spider to hang out on his web with this DIY Fall Game! Click to see more!

  • easy-halloween-game-for-kids.jpg

    Witches' Brew

    Unique Halloween Game 

    So quick to setup and can be played indoors or out! See all the details for Witches' Brew Kids Halloween Game!

  • spiders-web-fall-game-fav.jpg

    Spider's Web

    A Favorite

    Kids try toss "Bugs" through the Spiders Webs into buckets to win! See all the details of this popular Spiders Web Game

  • tonic-toss-halloween-game.jpg

    Tonic Toss

    Great for all Ages!

    Check out this kid, teen & adult Halloween Game - everyone will have a blast! See how you make it glow!

  • glowing-ghosts-diy-halloween-game-idea.jpg


    Super Fast & Easy!

    Grab 4 empty milk jugs, hula hoops & click to see how we make these ghosts glow in this DIY Halloween Game!

  • hay-stack-find-game.jpg


    Fun Search...

    Pile up some hay and follow these simple rules to make this fall hay game lots fun! See this 1 tip to make this booth bales of fun!

  • halloween-removable-tattoos-idea.jpg

    Face Paint

    Cheap Halloween Fun

    Kids, teens & adults love to add removable tattoos! See our hints & tips to set up this Halloween booth in a jiffy!

  • frightful-fish-halloween-game-idea.jpg


    Great Game for Nighttime! 

    Don't miss our Halloween twist on a favorite Carnival Game. We added underwater lights and more!

  • hocus-pocus-kids-halloween-game.jpg

    Hocus Pocus

    "Floating Hats" Game

    Kids will have a blast tossing rings on these witches hats! Click to see how to!

  • pumpkin-spin-a-prize.jpg

    Spin a Prize

    So Fun for a Large Event!

    This pumpkin themed game is great for large and small events - see our alternate directions for this easy game!

  • pennant-banner-decoration-.jpg

    Flag Decor

    100 Feet of Color!

    Our secret for decorating large outdoor events fast and on a budget? Simple... add pennant banners for less than $10!

  • pumpkin-bean-bag-toss-to-buy.jpg

    Bean Bag Toss

    Quick & Easy!

    Set up this Jack O Lantern Bean Bag Toss in minutes and young kids will stand in line to win a top prize!

  • spooky-tree.jpg

    Spooky Tree

    Coming Soon!!

    Lollipop Tree PERFECT for Halloween! Check out this DIY "Sweet" Halloween Game!

  • pumpkin-pop-fall-game.jpg

    Soda Toss

    Add a Fall Flair 

    Add this Pumpkin Pop Ring Toss for a quick and easy game your crowd will love at your Harvest Fest or Trunk or Treat!! 

  • crazy-cans-halloween-game.jpg

    Crazy Cans

    Game to Buy

    This is best for little ones or for a backyard Halloween Party Game! Click to learn more!

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