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Football Toss

School Carnival Game Idea – Football Toss!


Have "Stand Behind" Lines for Different Ages!



Have at Least 6 Footballs for This Game!


Supplies for Football Toss:

bullet point Handmade Football Goal (see example above) made from a wood frame supporting a tire.
Note: notice in the photo the tire is attached in three places to the frame to prevent the tire from swinging and taking the entire game off balance and tipping over.
bullet point Heavy Sand Bags (to secure game from tipping)
bullet point Sidewalk Chalk (or other marking material) to draw lines for different aged players (notice photo above)
bullet point Small Foam Footballs for tossing – at least 6 or more
bullet point Carnival Prizes – consolation, others (depending upon how you set up this carnival game) sports themed carnival prizes are a great idea for this booth!

Make this Homemade Game:

bullet point 2 x 4 Wooden Lumber Boards and Nails or Screws 
bullet point Heavy Duty Eyebolt Screws and Hardware to attach tire to wooden frame 
bullet point Woodworking tools like a saw and miter box 
bullet point Used Tire (you can talk to a local tire/ auto repair shop to see if they have one they would be willing to donate)
bullet point Rope to secure tire from swinging 

For this game a volunteer with woodworking skills will construct a frame that is sturdy enough to support the tire as shown above and details about attaching the tire below.


Game Setup:

Before the carnival, set up the game and test it out. Your goal is to make this fairly challenging. About 1 in 12-15 players should be able to win your top carnival prize. As in most skill-based carnival games, set up “stand behind” lines for different aged children to allow younger children a chance to win as well.

How to Play the Football Toss Game:

Children are given 3 chances to throw the football through the tire goal. If they get all three footballs through the tire, they win the top prize.

If they do not, they get a consolation prize. (Optional: You may choose to give out a middle carnival prize if children get 2 footballs through the goal – then they will receive the middle carnival prize – if not, they receive the consolation prize.)

Older children really enjoy carnival games that require skill to win - so this is a great carnival game for teens too!

Additional Hints & Tips:

This is one of those homemade school carnival games that are great to use year after year and to share with others in the community! Of course, due to the size of this game, it is best to have an outdoor shed to store this game that takes up quite a bit of space!