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Disc Drop

DIY Carnival Game – Disc Drop!


Add Coordinating Numbers to Your Prize Buckets.



Add Numbers that Coorespond with Prizes.


Supplies for Disc Drop Carnival Game:

bullet point 1 Disc Drop Game (handmade as above or tabletop disc drop purchased see below)
bullet point Table for Ticket Box and Prizes with Numbers to Coordinate with Game 
bullet point Assorted carnival prizes and buckets to match to the numbers at the bottom of the board. 

Make This Carnival Game:

bullet point 1 Large Sheet of Pegboard
bullet point Pegs for Board (120+ for large boards)
bullet point 2 x 4 Wood Boards and nails or screws to frame the board and for the bottom of the game
bullet point Paint to add some bright colors and winning numbers to the bottom of your board
bullet point Hockey Pucks or Other Round Discs

Using the wood boards, make a frame around the pegboard to keep the discs in the game. In addition, you will need to build a frame to allow the game to stand upright and at a slight angle. (to allow the discs to slide down the board without falling off)

Add some boards in a a zigzag type design at the bottom of your board to have discs land in a few set areas (at least three) with assorted numbers that coordinate with prizes. (see image above)

Paint your game and decorate as desired.

Out of time to make your own? We sell a small, table-top version below. 

Game Setup:

Simply place the Disc Drop Carnival Game in your booth area, set out our prizes with coordinated winning numbers in buckets, and your ticket box and carnival sign and you are ready for players!

How to Play the Disc Drop Carnival Game:

You may set this game up many different ways, but, the easiest way to play is to give, carnival players 1 disc. Players place the disc on the top of the board and watch the disc bump its way down the board and into the slot. The number on the slot correlates to the prize given.

For example, let’s say you choose 4 different carnival prizes / small toys to correlate to each number.

You Choose:

Prize Number 1 = Jelly Bracelets
Prize Number 2 = Spin Tops
Prize Number 3 = Whizzers
Prize Number 5 = Candy Necklace

If the carnival player plays the game and their disc lands on the number 5 then they receive a Big Fun carnival prize.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: if this game is at a fundraising carnival, choose prizes similar in value (and inexpensive) like carnival prizes under 10 cents or prizes under 20 cents for the numbers 1, 2 and 3 and a higher valued prize for 5 as it is less likely to be won.