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Tropical Lollipop Tree $42 each

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Cardboard Palm Tree - large decor


If you are having a carnival, this Tropical Lollipop Tree is sure to be a hit with everyone! With a few simple changes our team has turned this large cardboard palm tree into a Lollipop Tree and the kids are sure to love it!!

See our easy carnival game directions for the this Lollipop Tree Carnival Booth. It just takes a few minutes to set up this tall Tropical Lollipop Tree where no directions are needed! :) We set up the tree and then had an adult drill holes for our lollipop sticks making sure the holes are the same size as the stick so the lollipops do not fall out! That’s it! Be sure to add lollipops to the trunk for easy access for the smaller children!

NOTE: This cardboard Lollipop Tree is best used INDOORS & you will need to drill the holes for the lollipops. The cardboard is good quality but the slightest breeze will make the tree unsteady. If you are planning an outdoor carnival please add this carnival booth indoors. You can place this fun Tropical Lollipop Tree near the carnival food or even in the silent auction area! 

This easy set-up Tropical Lollipop Tree is almost 5 feet tall.

This item comes folded in half for easy shipping and set-up. The "fold crease" is visible after set-up-- but the kids don't seem to mind!
1-ruler-size.jpgLollipop tree is 59" x 43".


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