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Mini Flying Saucers (144 total toys in 2 bags) 17¢ each

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Mini Flying Saucers (144 total toys in 2 bags) 17¢ each
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Is it a bird, a plane, or a UFO? Nope, it's an Identified Flying Object, luckily! These little flying discs are a fun outdoor small toy for kids. Give these Colorful Mini Flying Saucers out at your next carnival, and watch out for flying objects! 
1-ruler-size.jpgLittle flying saucers are 3 1/2".


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1 review

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    Cute, cheap small toy

    Posted by Carnival Savers Team on 10th Nov 2015

    We sell oodles of these small flying saucers. They look like a slightly more expensive prize, and the kids love to toss them too! We gave them 4 stars because they fly OK - but of course a larger toy would fly a little better!

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